The history of ear piercing goes back to ancient Perspolis in Persia. It is recorded that there were illustrations of soldiers with earrings in the walls of this city. During Dark Ages earrings and other jewelry declined as almost all the populace was impoverished. After the rise of nations later jewelry including earrings was the sign of luxury and high status in society. During the Middle Ages gorgeous dresses and elaborate hairstyles were in fashion and earrings were not so popular. But a bit later when the hair was worn up and the collars became higher earrings got back their popularity. During the next centuries more and more skillful jewel experts appeared and new types of earrings were designed.
In the middle of 19th century it was popular to tied the hair behind the head covering the ears, hats were in fashion and there were no place for earrings. It was also the time when society and religious establishments associated earrings with excess, vanity and heathens and earrings lost their popularity. At the beginning of the 20th century Concept Of Manufacturing Pdf non-pierced clip-on earrings appeared and simultaneously sailors began to wear earrings as the symbol of their adventures. In the sixties hippies and homosexuals were those who helped to rise the popularity of earrings, in the seventies punk rockers inspired the wearing of multiple earrings and in the eighties women began to wear earrings.
Nowadays ear piercing is the common type of body modification which is popular with men, women and children all Benefits Of Service Growth In India over the world. Sometimes parents pierce the ears of their daughters even when they are only one year old.
There are various types of piercing and the most widespread is ear lobe piercing. It is the less painful type of ear piercings. Though the soft tissue of the lobe is the best place for quick painless piercing there are at least eight other places where ear can be pierced. The other popular types of ear piercing are vertical, industrial, helix, orbital and anti orbital piercings. Helix piercing is a piercing along the outside rim of the ear and though it is rather difficult to do it is still very popular nowadays. The other widespread type of ear piercing is industrial piercing that joins two holes in the ear with a long straight barbell and you can also wear two single barbells in these holes. Ear gauging is the other popular type of ear modification- a noticeable or even very large hole in the ear lobe looks up-to-date and unusual at the same time.
The healing process of ear piercing lasts for about two months and it is important to follow all recommendations that include keeping the wound clean, avoiding swimming, not keeping phones and other subjects close to the pierced ear.
The choice of ear piercing jewelry nowadays is very wide and there are many trusted on-line jewelry stores that offers high quality and stylish barbells, captive bead rings, ear studs, plugs and other attractive jewelry for your ear piercing. A variety of materials is also available nowadays- silver, gold, stainless steel, acrylics, natural materials such as wood, pearls, bone and horn. Ear piercing is not only the way to follow the fashion trends but the way to show your individuality and style.

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