Scaffold piercing has gained a lot of popularity these days among men and women who happen to be body modification enthusiasts. It is their way of expressing themselves as well as delving into body art. Also called industrial piercing, this body modification consists of two piercings along the top of the ear that are connected by a bar that passes through both holes.
In order to make sure that you have a scaffold piercing that would really stand out in a crowd, you have to be sure that the piercing is done by a professional with a lot of experience in the business. This is also to ensure that the piercing is done correctly and that there is no chance of infection at all. Professional body piercers are trained and certified for your protection. Make sure you see a reputable piercer for this job.
Keep in mind that scaffold piercing must be done using only the highest quality of surgical stainless steel that is recommended Heavy Industry Meaning by professional piercers. Thus, adequate attention must be given to proper after care to avoid infection and skin irritations.
Choose professionals that conduct business under the highest possible sanitary conditions. Pick a piercer who is knowledgeable in scaffold piercing, has a lot of experience and has undergone sufficient training. You would want someone who would be able to put you at ease as the entire procedure can be extremely uncomfortable, even with the use of anesthesia. Do not be afraid to ask to see the piercer’s qualifications.
After the work of piercing is done, you have to make sure that your wounds will not get infected. In order to prevent any kind of infection or irritation, be sure to use the best kind of material suited for piercing. Take your pick from surgical stainless steel, titanium or eighteen to twenty four karat gold. Gold is the most expensive so if you are on a somewhat limited budget, opt for the highest quality of surgical stainless steel that is durable, fashionable looking and safe for your ear.
Scaffold piercing can take a little while to be completely healed so you have to be very patient. Depending on the person’s after care routines, healing can take anywhere from three months to an entire year. You certainly have to be very careful and Industry Analysis Business Plan make sure your piercings are kept clean and not fiddled around with. Do not be surprised if you experience some swelling, a little pain and throbbing after the piercing. This can take a few days to a week maximum for it to be completely gone.
For the first two weeks after you have had your scaffold piercing, take care to clean it about twice a day to prevent any kind of infection from setting in. Keep your hands away from it when you are not cleaning it so you will not transfer any germs to the wound. Keep your hair away from the wound as much as possible. Be diligent in cleaning it for the first two weeks as per instructions to ensure quick healing.

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