Organic Solvents and the Montreal Protocols

After the Montreal protocols, international agreements were drastically altered regarding what types of pollution need to be banned. Specific chemicals and harmful ingredients were discussed as having produced many of the effects of acid rain, polluted oceans, and unhealthy air quality due to smog. Not only are we suffering the consequences of this pollution immediately, Indonesia Manufacturing Industry Statistics but if we continue to use harsh chemicals which deplete the Earth’s beneficial ozone layer, we will contribute even more to global warming and the effects of dangerously high levels of UV rays hitting the Earth. At the present time, solvents and degreasers must both be harmless to our environment as well as complete their intended jobs properly and with ease.
Organic solvents and organic degreasers are now being used to remove dirt particles, oils, grease, and residues left behind in the manufacturing process. Organic degreasers are used during the manufacturing of automobiles, Secondary Industry Definition aircraft, and various mechanical parts. These products are now in high demand since the results of the Montreal protocols which regulate harmful ingredients once standard in solvent and degreasing products.
Solvents and degreasers being monitored and regulated by the government was not a welcome idea by many of those within the manufacturing industry. In order to comply with new regulations, precautions would need to be taken to prevent the use of products which had been used daily for years. However, new organic degreasers and solvents have proved themselves to be a positive change within the industry while helping corporations take a step in the right direction toward green and eco friendly business practices. Organic solvents are able to prevent metals from corroding, when initially most solvents actually promoted the corrosion of metal. Many of these new organic degreasers and eco friendly solvents can also be diluted with water. A diluted product means big savings over time, and less money wasted on shipping, handling and packaging of the products. By using environmentally friendly and non toxic organic degreasers, less effort is required in order to clean up after using them. When companies were using traditional solvents and degreasers, cleaning up the remaining product and disposing of it properly was a very time consuming effort.
In addition to these advantages, the manufacturing plants no longer need to be concerned about the risk of being sued by current or former employers for putting their health at risk. Many known carcinogens were being inhaled by company employees every day while using traditional solvent and degreasing products. There are many considerable long term health risks to take into consideration regarding these dangerous products. Corporations are now finding it more cost effective to purchase non toxic products for employees to use in order to avoid legal issues later on.
Organic solvents are not only highly useful in many applications, but they are also non toxic, biodegradable, and environmentally friendly. The Environmental Protection Agency regulates the term organic, so organic products can be trusted by business owners and consumers. Any additional costs in comparison to hazardous and toxic cleaning products are a very small price to pay when you consider that going with the cheaper alternative is simply gambling with your health and the safety of our environment.

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