Understanding Drop Shipping and Knowing Your Drop Ship Providers

Genuine drop shippers are Wholesale providers who will send items straight to your online client for you. These suppliers are willing to send one item at a time from their store house. Drop ship providers pack and deliver the items for you. You pay a wholesale cost for the items, and charge your buyer your retail price. The difference between those rates is your income. You don’t have to touch the item, or expend cash to fill your garage up with items that might not sell; the drop ship provider does that for you.

Be very cautious

Searching for wholesale dispensers on your own? The search engines are besieged with fake wholesale sites. A fake dispenser pretends to be a wholesale company, but is actually just a scam artist who is known as a middleman. There are some that call themselves “Dealer Networks” of thousands of trade name products. They’re lying to you. This type of fake wholesale site earns their money through getting in between you and the true distributor, charging you falsely inflated rates. This means your trade makes less cash.

In addition, there are a lot of absolutely worthless directories and lists of wholesale dispensers advertised on the net. They look true. They promise you wholesale rates, instant success, and promise that you will be among the tiny percentage who will succeed. Then they get your cash and leave you with worthless misinformation, which leads you to dispenser after dispenser who are nothing but middlemen distribution.

In order to succeed in any home-based online business using drop ship providers, you have to locate genuine wholesale groups who drop ship, and do business with them directly. To do that, you need to contact real wholesale providers, and find out if they will be willing to deal with you as a drop shipper.

That is how you make the utmost income; by doing business directly with Factory-Authorized Wholesale Providers who are as well drop shippers.

But, locating those providers takes a great deal of time. Even one true drop shipper that will work with home-based online business can be extremely hard to find.

There are popular websites on the net that can help you solve these issues. These sites can contact thousands of new wholesale providers personally, by email and by phone every month, and ask if they will drop ship or sell in bulk quantity for home-based online business.

They can take a trip around United States to attend wholesale trade shows and form close personal relationships with legitimate drop shippers who will work with home-based online trade owners.

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