Becoming a Drop Shipper is Ideal For Stay at Home Moms – The Drop Shippers’ Basics

There are very few options for a stay at home mom to earn additional income. First and foremost we have little or no money to invest. Next, there is no time for training and lastly the hours we are available are not consistent so how can we commit to working? Becoming drop shippers may be one of the options we can try.

Let us begin with the basics, what do drop shippers do? Drop shipping is a business arrangement in which you (the retailer) obtain payment for an item from a customer. Instead of managing your own stocks and sending out the item to the customer, you contact wholesale suppliers who has the item and instruct them to send the item to your customer. You then pay wholesale suppliers and you make money through quoting a price to the customer that is higher than the price the supplier will give you. This kind of arrangement allows people to conduct business with very little overhead and initial investment. You also minimize the percentage of losing money since you do not own any stocks or items and only order if there is a sure buyer. This is a very good setup for moms who want to earn extra money because the work needed can be performed at odd hours.

For starters look for a product niche that you are either knowledgeable on or are interested in. Do not try to break into a niche you know nothing about. Information is always a plus factor in any business. The more you know about a product the more prepared you are to choose which wholesale products will be able to sell well. You will also be capable of getting better prices because of the information you know. Next, and this is something moms are very good at is researching prices and sources. In the drop shipping business the strengths of a business can also be its weakness. One needs an honest and reliable wholesale supplier in this business. One who can provide quality products and competitive prices so that you can still earn from selling the items retail. Creating an attractive online store is a must in this business. Just like we love going to posh stores in the mall, surfers like visiting online stores that not only showcase the items maximally they also want more information. Remember they cannot touch the merchandise so the best tips to hold on to their interest are good product descriptions and attractive online displays. Stocks must also be updated constantly. One does not want to feature items that are no longer in stock. This can cause frustration in our customers and may stop them from purchasing from you again. So go ahead and research some more. I am sure you will see the benefits in this business.

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