Chrome is one of the most popular finishes available for metallic parts, Industrial Development Geography and is widely used for a variety of applications in multiple industries.
Whilst its most common applications are in the automotive industry, where it is utilised for trim and accessories of cars and motorcycles; however, chrome is also becoming a popular choice for other applications, such as interior design, household fixtures, and even fishing.
Chrome plating has been utilized for decades in the automotive industry, as a durable and attractive finish for steel bumpers, wheels, and other automotive components. Plastic was found to be lighter and easier to manufacture than steel, and therefore was a desirable alternative, but it lacked the luster of metallic parts.
Since the 1970s, when the procedure for electroplating ABS plastics was developed, Post Industrial Economy Definition chrome has been an even more popular finish for car and motorcycle components.
Chrome finish was always most popular in North America, and reached its peak in popularity in the late 1980s and early 1990s; it has risen in popularity by 50% in Europe, and its use has almost doubled in the United Kingdom.
The main reason for chrome’s frequency of use in the automotive industry is its resistance to corrosion, and its ability to withstand environmental extremes. It also doesn’t oxidize, and is extremely easy to care for. These factors, combined with its high luster, made it an ideal material for automotive trim and accessories.
Many vehicles are manufactured with chrome finish on some parts, but chrome plating can also be done after the vehicle is purchased. Many electroplating companies are able to do chrome plating, and there are some automotive finishers which specialize in chrome plating.
Another of the advantages to chrome plating is that chrome-plated components can be refurbished or re-plated if they are worn or damaged, which saves money by eliminating the need for replacing parts. Instead of replacing the chrome components of a vehicle, they can be stripped and re-plated, restoring them to like-new condition.
Even old parts can be reused after plating, which reduces scrap and waste, creating a process that is both economically frugal and environmentally friendly.
All of the qualities which made chrome popular for car and motorcycle trim also make it an ideal finish for household fixtures. Bathroom fixtures, tap-ware, light fittings, door handles, and many other household fittings and accessories are often plated with chrome now. Silver, brass, copper and other metals which were commonly used to plate these objects were beautiful, but often required a lot of work to maintain, and were costly.
Some of these plating finishes also tended to degrade in some way – they would tarnish, react with cleaners or other chemicals, corrode, or simply wear off with frequent use. Except in extreme conditions, chrome plating never corrodes, oxidizes or tarnishes, is easy to clean, and will outlast almost any other metal plating with heavy use. Even some fishing lures are chrome-plated now!
Chrome is one of the most versatile and durable electroplated finishes available. It is used for a variety of household and automotive components, for its long-lasting beauty and ease of care. If you are looking for a finish that is easy to maintain, durable, aesthetically pleasing and cost-efficient, look at the benefits of chrome plating.

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