DVD replication is an efficient method of copying 1000 or more CDs with videos at low costs. The process, which involves replicating or cloning the original product, has gained immense popularity owing to demand from advertising and other agencies. It facilitates quick and quality copying of matter stored in a DVD. Hence, to meet bulk DVD requirements, it is better to hire the services of a professional DVD duplication and replication service provider.
Process of DVD Replication
The process of DVD replication involves the transfer of data from a master disc to a large number of recordable discs. The first step involves checking the original disc for any unreadable portions. This is essential because if the original disc is unreadable than all the copied ones will also be defective.
Replication involves making a glass master which is used to make a set of molds or stampers. These stampers are then mounted on an injection mould machine to create a replica of the mould. The next step involves coating the disc with an aluminum coating which is Industrial Development Ppt very thin and reflective. Finally the disc is spun with a protective lacquer and hardened using ultraviolet light. The use of the glass master ensures consistent quality. The cost of replication declines with the increase in the number of copies to be made.
DVD Replication vs. Duplication
While both DVD replication and DVD duplication are processes of copying, they offer outputs of varying qualities and are useful for different needs and situations. The decision to opt for replication or duplication depends on the quality desired, the number of copies required and the acceptable turnaround time.
Duplication involves copying the contents of a CD or DVD to another by using a drive with write capabilities. Also referred to as “burning,” this process is useful for making less than 1,000 copies. The replication process, in contrast, is considered optimal for making more than 1,000 copies.
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