When looking to purchase pressure washers for cleaning commercial or industrial areas, do not choose machines built for residential purposes. Low-end pressure washers do not have the features and durability necessary for extensive commercial applications.
Commercial electric power washers not only offer greater cleaning capacity than home-use machines, but they last longer during the cleaning process, as well. These pressure washers are constructed from materials that are more durable and made to withstand rigorous cleaning.
One of the major problems with low-end pressure washers is their unreliability. In the middle of a busy day, with multiple tasks lined up, the machine might break down. You will lose your reputation, clients, and your investment in the machine if that happens.
Pressure washing machines for industrial use feature higher pressure levels than home use machines. You can select power washers with a variety of different pressure levels, ranging up to 8000 psi. These machines are electricity powered and electricity heated.
Power also has a direct relationship to temperature. Commercial and industrial pressure cleaners are available in cold water, hot water, team, and tri-mode variations. The most versatile machines include tri-mode capabilities, meaning they can be used as cold water, hot water, or steam pressure washers. Cold Definition Of Quaternary Industry water cleaning is less expensive because it requires less electricity. Cold water can remove most types of dirt, including plant sap, dust, and mud. For degreasing or removing oils, emulsions, and sugars, hot water or steam is recommended. Electric power washers can reach temperatures as high as 330A�F..
When purchasing industrial pressure cleaners, look for features such as corrosion resistance. Corrosion can ruin even the most expensive machines. Many pressure washing machines are housed in steel casing, particularly powder-coated steel, which is highly resistant to corrosion and heat. Powder-coated steel does not chip easily, ensuring that your machine retains its new appearance for a long time to come. Heavy-duty, rugged pressure hoses and stainless steel or schedule 80 heating coils are other important components to look for.
Features & Technologies
The best industrial grade pressure washing systems boast technologies to enhance performance. For example, top electric pressure washers utilize automatic shut down technology which shuts off key components when the trigger gun is inactive for more than thirty seconds. This reduces unnecessary wear and the time spent going back and forth from the machine and the application.
Other notable features include different motor and power supply specifications, nozzles with different Lean Industrial Engineering orientations, quick disconnect to improve water efficiency, and continuous operation.
Industrial pressure cleaners have heating times as low as 20 seconds. This is made possible by heating devices that utilize little energy for reaching maximum temperature in minimum time.
Hose lengths can vary anywhere from 25 feet to 300 feet and can be ordered based on the necessary requirements. To ensure maximum productivity when using up to 300 feet of pressure hose, look for machines with long hose technology. This offers maximum power for all applications, even when using extended hose lengths.
For the highest performing gasoline, diesel, propane, or electric pressure washers, consult a reputable online supplier. Remember, options are important. Purchase from suppliers with a wide variety of machines, to ensure you select the right configuration to match your needs.

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