He switched on the computer and logged into Facebook with a thought somewhere in the background that something more important has to be done. He took himself into this virtual commonplace thinking that he would soon get out of it for something that is more rewarding. He discovered some excitement and felt as if nothing else exists. He stayed in this phase until it hit his mind that the “other work” now demands focus. He talked to himself that it would benefit him more if he would now go for that “other work” but to no avail. The next scene was too exciting to allow thought, and as he got up from his seat after about four hours he found that the beautiful experience has left nothing significant.
The tale doesn’t end here; the trend stretches back in history. The tale shows how great and powerful populations of millions tolerated empires of a few thousand while knowing that nothing but the wrong was prevalent and that unitedly, they had the power to bring them down. It shows how the rational and industrial revolution succeeded in making people understand that boundaries are imaginary yet failed in abolishing their age-old, crude territorial feeling. It presents a bunch of skilled individuals that were meant to lead nations but despite all their brains, couldn’t help from stirring up world wars and causing mass devastation. The tale is all about how man knew what was right but failed to carry it out. The tale makes man appear like a hen that knowingly keeps the fox in charge of its house.
It annoys me to refer to the common definition if free-thinking. By speaking of free thinking being the belief in reason than authority and tradition actually takes something out of reason and makes the later appear something absolute and important. Why not go for something that is “proper” dumping all differences and distinctions? Indonesia Garment Manufacturers Why not basically reject science and spirituality and categorize things as “proper” and “improper”? Why not design our traditions and practices such that they possess some reason to deserve our time? You knock your neighbor’s door and find that he agrees with these only to fail in executing it the very next second.
Our kind fails when it comes to proper execution. We hear of inefficient policies ruling our economy, education and society as a whole but we just let them go. We find books of democracy presenting people as rulers but as we land on practicality we find the lowest slaves treating their rulers subserviently. We see looters and swindlers move past our eyes Branding Competition 2019 dressed in legal suits designed by none other than ourselves, yet we find our hands incapable of motion. We find corruption rising, crimes peaking even after repeated appeals to people we sent out to rule, but we require the support of a protagonist’s call to actually revolt and act. And as this voice perishes we enter the vicious cycle once again.
Some force holds us back; when we look back we find a string of events as its evidences. A feeling of getting “used to” or perhaps the failure to link up pieces into a bigger picture creates a chasm between thought and action.
The solution lies in this force being crumbled, and the ripples of change must arise from the very mind that elementarily constitutes the entire kind. The solution lies in mankind realizing how much it has suffered because of this chasm and bridging it through will. The situation demands minds to be consistent till plans are converted into action. It demands the wise men to open their eyes to what is actually “wisdom”. And finally, it demands the common man to rise to action than mere talk, do his part no matter how small it is and see that what “should” happen indeed “happens”.
The world awaits the day when this disability is cured; a day when mankind’s attitude towards perfection will be changed. It awaits the day when medical aspirants will take up medicine with the complete will to serve, and all our farmers will be farmers by choice.

By master