Need for controlling the growth of population
Overpopulation is, indeed, a serious socio-economic problem of India. This problem has adversely affected the progress of the economy and the standard of the living of the people. The problem is an urgent one and needs immediate solution.
Overpopulation is related to the size of the population and the population and the utilization of the countries resources. The problem should be tackled from both the sides. Firstly, production should be increased to meet the needs of the people. Secondly, size of the population should be controlled and reduced.
Measure of increase production
Growing the population of the country can be supported through increase production. Agricultural and industrial productions are to be increased for this purpose.
1.Increase in agricultural production:
It is necessary to resort to modern scientific cultivation in order to increase agricultural output. Use of irrigation, high yielding seeds, rotation of crops, utilization of chemicals, fertilizers, manures and such other means are to be adopted for this purpose.
2.Increase in industrial production:
The process of industrialization is to be accelerated. Modern sophisticated technology must be made use for industrial production. The industrial strategy should be such that it should be able to increase production and at the same time provides job facilities to a sizable number of people.
3.Development of trade and commerce:
The development of trade and commerce will contribute to additional income and help the country to support the growing the population.
Measure to control and reduced population
The problem of overpopulation can be effectively dealt with only if the rapid growth rate of population is contained. Various measures are to be undertaken in this regard.
1.Family planning measures:
Family planning is nowadays considered an indispensable method of controlling population. The motto of planning is-“child by choice and not by chance” or “child by desire not by accident.” The size of the family must be limited voluntary.
2.Providing education facilities of the people:
Illiteracy is one of the factors of overpopulation. It is to be countered in order to contain the population growth. Spread of education among illiterate hassles is a significant step in reducing the birth rate.
3.Rise in the age Post Industrial Economy of marriage:
In order to reduce the child-bearing period of women (reproductive span of women), it is necessary to rise the minimum age of marriage from 18 to for females and 21 to 24 for males. Child marriages should be prohibited.
4.Improving status Industry And Competitive Analysis Example of women:
Experience in the west has shown that high status of women is closely associated with a low birth rate. The desire to rise in the social scale develops a strong feeling for a smaller family.
5.Propaganda in Favor of Small Family:
Enough publicity is to be given in a country like India regarding the benefits of a small family to the general masses. Mass media of communication like the press, radio, television and movies are of great help in this regard.
6.Provision of Incentives:
Incentives such as cash payments and promotion in jobs, free education, preference in admission to technical courses, etc. could be given to the people who accept and adopt family planning.
7.Increasing the Standard of Living of the Mass:
People with higher standard of living normally opt for small family. Hence, it is necessary to increase the standard of living of the masses.

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