Benefits of Using Evaporative Coolers in Industrial Area

There are many industries that require lower temperature to improve productivity and to improve the comfort level of their employees. Most companies avoid using air-conditioning system as it requires huge capital investment. Another reason why companies avoid using air conditioning system is because they want to reduce electricity consumption. These companies can use evaporative coolers to maintain their factory and other industrial establishments.
People have been using the principle of evaporative cooling since ages. People use pots made from clay to provide cold water during summers when they don’t have refrigerators. These clay pots have tiny holes in them, through which water comes out. The heat in the pot evaporates the water that comes out from these tiny holes. The same principle is used my evaporative coolers to lower the temperature of an industrial area.
The circulating fans in the cooler draw hot air through the curtain of water. The water passes through a specific path where it is broken into tiny droplets that give it a large surface Basic Elements Of Lean Manufacturing area. The air that passes through these droplets is cooled the same way as it is cooled in clay pots. The cold air in the cooler is then circulated in the industrial area.
There are several advantages of using evaporative coolers in an industrial area. A major benefit of using these coolers is that they are inexpensive when compared to air-conditioning unit. Also, the cost of operating them is low Cottage Industries Definition when compared to other industrial cooling options. It is a compact system that requires a good water pump and air circulating fan. It is also one of the effect methods of removing large quality of heat from an industrial area.

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