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Silicon Valley has reigned as the preeminent high-tech center in North America and the world with unrivaled success since its birth in the 1950’s when the idea of building an industrial park near Stanford University arose. This famous valley has enjoyed “King of the Hill” status for over 50 years, attracting the biggest venture capitalists to fund the brightest minds across the globe. 
But in today’s economy when giant industries are collapsing into bankruptcy and parceled off to foreign buyers, Silicon Valley’s steadfast reputation teeters on the precipice that perhaps will slide down the hill along with General Motors and Chrysler. The Valley is not broke, but is losing ground on the technology front where R&D in everything from industrial electronics to solar tech is migrating to other parts of the world.
Another aspect of the famous Valley’s erosion is their brain drain to other countries. One reason is thousands of scientists, professionals, engineers and students from around the world are having difficulty staying or entering the United States because immigration reform is in question. The EU politicians, on the other hand, have served notice to compete with the U.S. and Asia to attract the world’s top talent to live, work and innovate in Europe. 
The race is on for the best and the brightest. Who What Is Industry Competition will reign supreme?

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