China Versus Google – Someone Appears to Be Missing the Point Here

It has been said in intelligence circles within the intelligence industrial complex that there are over 6000 industrial and military Chinese spies in the United States. That’s rather problematic for a nation that the US holds as a major trading partner. It’s getting harder and harder to do business even as China’s best customer, as we watch our intellectual capital being siphoned from our shores.
Of course, it’s not just the spies in country, but also the Internet hackers working with the government and defense sector in China that are using online spying strategies, phishing, and cyber attacks to gain access to top-secret information at corporations, government agencies, and even the military.
Not long ago there was an interesting Blog post on Read-Write-Web Online Blogging Network which was titled; “China Slams Google for Being a ‘Tool for Political Contention'” by the no BS blogger and international GEO Politics expert Dan Rowinski posted on June 6, 2011. Dan stated in his article;
“Google claimed last week that China was behind a massive phishing hack of Gmail accounts that included U.S. government officials, human rights activists and journalists. China has fired back at the search giant, warning Google to stay away from Latest Technology Trends 2018 being a political tool. The supposed hack last week came from Jinan, China, according to Google, which has had an icy relationship in the past. Outside of censorship and Google’s partial pull out of China, Gmail has been a point of contention.”
Now then, one might ask why top US Government Officials are using Gmail, but to that I might add, why are you? You see, non-government business, personal stuff, doesn’t belong on government official email systems, but if Chinese government sponsored hackers are gaining personal information Rise Of The Service Economy on US officials, they can use that information to spy on them or gain access to more information that is government related see that point? It’s a real issue, but anyone who reads spy novels knows that, or anyone working in the intelligence industrial complex is well aware of this.
If a Chinese spy knows where you frequent out in public, they can go to those places and over hear what you are saying, that along with your private e-mails, which they will be able to read through if they have your secret password can give them a lot of information and clues to attain more information the future. So even if US government top officials are only using Gmail for their private e-mails, they are still able to get important information that they can use later to get even more information, information that is secret. Indeed I hope you will please consider all this and think on it.

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