Industrial Vending Machines are point of use systems which are designed and manufactured to assist in the storage, dispensing, replenishing and control of a companies tooling, spares, MRO and a large variety of other materials.

If you are looking for improved methods to manage your stocks, avoid production downtime, improve your customer service performance you should explore the many advantages vending has to offer.

I have summarised many of these benefits and advantages under two main categories.

Reduce Costs

Reduce Consumption- Stop Waste. With industrial vending machines you control access, and set various control limits. You have real-time data availability on tracking, dispensing, and usage patterns. This enables you to make effective data based business decisions.

Reduce Inventory – Use supplier-consigned stock.Operate a Demand-Based ordering system over traditional Min-Max based procurement. Ownership of stock often only transfers when it is consumed or on other pre agreed terms. You are in effect operating a just in time inventory policy!

Reduce Spend on new tools and spares – many tool vending machines can be programmed How To Manufacture A Prototype to facilitate dispensing of reconditioned items prior to new items.

Reduce/Manage Obsolescence-most systems have capability of providing visibility on slow and discontinued items.

Reduce/Eliminate Stock-Outs, as real-time stock data available. You have the option to pre-set reorder minimums or operate a demand-based system to activate stock replenishment.

Replace Your Traditional Store with an automated “point of use” located vending machine. It will provide access and availability to your mro inventory and other components on 24/7 basis with secure storage.

Reduce Overhead – you have the possibility to reduce or eliminate traditional purchase orders.Industrial Vending systems have the capability to automatically reorder based on preset stocking levels. Your supplier will provide one consolidated invoice for payment at month end, or to other agreed terms.

Redeploy Support Staff – a demand-based ordering system will reduce time spent monitoring stock levels. Vending will also generate a reduction in other logistical activities, eg receiving, accounting and general inventory control functions.


Reduce/Eliminate Production Downtime – out of stock risks are greatly reduced.

Point Of Use Located – parts readily available to operator, delays at traditional operator managed store eliminated. Systems being continuously upgraded to deliver faster dispense times. Majority of systems can be configured to accommodate and dispense items of various shapes and size.

Accessibility of Items 24/7. You can plan overtime and/or extra shifts at short notice. Support staff eg store assistant not required.

Reclaim Floor Space Currently Used For Storage – utilize it for manufacturing or another revenue generating activity.

Real Time Data Availability – you have access to an unlimited number and variety of customised reports, eg, usage and consumption by operator, job, line, cost center, business unit etc. Many systems can display key data in dashboard metrics format.

Turnkey Solutions Available – most industrial vending machine manufacturers and distributors will provide a complete turnkey package. You will be provided with software, setup, training, support and many will have the capability to provide you with stock based on your specifications and other requirements.


If a vending strategy would benefit your business you should engage with manufacturers or their approved distributors who will be more than happy to discuss options such as purchase/lease programs including a variety of “all included” packages eg

A� machines + an agreed integrated supply program

A� machines + supplies

A� machines + supplies + services eg refilling machines etc and a variety of other options specific to your business.

They will also design and provide customised programs based on your business model focused on cost savings, productivity gains and other business goals.

I would recommend lease rather than purchase as a good starting strategy. This will reduce the initial What Are The Manufacturing Systems cost and will give you the opportunity to assess the benefits before making a long term commitment.

Many suppliers will be prepared to subsidise the cost of the machine and installation as a strategy to increase business volume.

In summary as outlined there are many advantages and benefits to be reviewed and considered when reviewing an industrial vending solution.

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