What is industrial 3 Types Of Manufacturing Processes vending?
When you think about vending machines what comes to mind? Most likely its candy, soda, and many other snacks that you’d love to get your hands on. What if I told you there was a vending machine that could do much more than curb your appetite? Industrial vending is one such solution that goes beyond the norm of everyday vending. There are various Point-of-Use devices which are designed to assist in the management and tracking of a company’s in-house production materials and tooling. Whatever your facility requires regarding inventory control and management, there are certain companies that can tailor systems to your needs.
Available today are exceptional vending products which provide multiple levels of control in cabinet like solutions. You’ll find multi-drawer standard cabinets, single slot or drawer and even solutions that can manage up to 400 parts in small, yet controlled environments. No more loss of inventory and over-spending for products that are lost, taken, or unorganized. Just one drawer in these cabinets can manage and track up to 108 separate parts saving valuable time and overhead to facility owners. Users can easily search for and pick specific items by name or part numbers, check them in and out. The specifications for use can tailored to business requirements. After these transactions occur, all stages can be monitored to track what was taken, who checked it out and where it was used. These industrial vending solutions benefit not just one industry, but many. Some service providers can serve the following industries:
– Automobile
– Airlines/Aerospace
– Energy/Utilities
– Rail/Transit Systems
– Government
– Green Industry
– Mining/Metals
– Food/Beverage
– Other
Don’t go another day trying to manually track your MRO, safety/PPE and tooling. Whether you think you have a grasp on inventory control or you’re looking for a way to better manage your employees and products, these types of solutions should be looked into. Let industrial vending solutions from a reputable company simplify, organize, and manage your business in a way that’s beneficial to everyone. Pick a provider that is a leader in their Factory Of The Future when it comes to Point-of-Use inventory control systems. Such solutions should bring proven simplification to the distribution and management of MROP (Maintenance, Repair, Operating and Production), safety and tooling supplies at the work cell. Choose a company that consistently delivers the industry’s highest ROI with solutions that are easy to use and easier to implement and are the industry leader in interfacing POU solutions with existing ERP and supply chain systems.

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