Three Must-Have Corporate Uniform Items for Women

It’s no secret that women spend a lot of time thinking about and shopping for clothes – and so what? We can’t help it if we want to look great at work, at home, and anywhere in between! With the working day growing ever American Run Multinational longer, it’s becoming more and more common that workers need to proceed directly from the work place, to the play place – between the Friday deadline and the dinner with wine, there’s often just no time to get changed.

Luckily, corporate uniform items provide an array of stylish and affordable solutions for women who want to cut a sophisticated impression with easy care garments. Think black, white, beige and tonal hues for an office wear that can take you from day through to night. There’s no need to get complicated when thinking about your office wear wardrobe either – in fact simple basics will always convey class much more than wild layering and expensive accessories. In fact, a stunning corporate uniform can be compiled from as little as three staple wardrobe items. Paired with a modest selection of shirts and camisoles, the following three garments will have you working in style in no time:

The Mid Length Skirt: The mid-length skirt is a priceless addition to the corporate uniform. With a hem hitting just below the knee, it is flexible enough to provide ease of movement, while providing enough coverage to maintain modesty. Front pleating and pockets can be added as an additional stylish detail. Made in wool, the mid length skirt is ideal for a winter office wear, while a mid-length skirt made from cotton will keep you cool in warmer months.

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The Cropped Jacket: Perfect for pairing with trousers or skirts, the cropped suit jacket is an essential item in women’s’ corporate uniform. Generally made of tailored wool or wool blend, the cropped jacket is the ideal addition for formal meetings, as well as becoming a chic after-hours cover up if worn with jeans and a T-shirt or camisole in the evening.

The Relaxed Fit Pant: When faced with the prospect of eight or nine hours sitting at a desk, comfort, alongside style, is a top priority which is met perfectly by relaxed fit pants. Generally formed from a combination of polyester Product Competitors and viscose, the added stretch of relaxed fit garments makes them a very user friendly element of the corporate uniform. Whether a straight-leg, or a three-quarter crop, relaxed fit pants can be worn any season.