There are many types of commercial mats available to businesses today. There are additional subcategories of mats from which to choose. In short, mats have gone from single function to multipurpose uses. Some of these multipurpose products are highly effective when used as entrance mats, logo mats, anti fatigue mats, scraper mats and Anti static mats. What’s more, each of these products are now available in an eco-friendly model! These alternatives are eco-friendly yet do not sacrifice functionality.
To begin, one must consider the basic purpose of matting products. This is to reduce the spread of dirt coming from outside and control water accumulation when it is raining. The objective of entrance is to provide a surface that is safe and anti slippery. Mats used indoors are used to protect the floor from wear and tear. They can also be used for decorative purposes, if the user has an artistic perspective. They can be used indoors or outdoors as needed. There are categories in these entrance mats as well.
Some eco-friendly mats are made of 100% PET recycled drinking bottles. These mats help in removing heavy soil indoor and outdoor. These can be placed few meters Biggest Factory In Indonesia before entrance to absorb heavy dirt, or placed inside depending upon the traffic level and dirt brought in. They are durable, attractive, and resilient.
Other eco-friendly mats are made of recycled rubber. The objective of these “rubber scraper mats” is to remove large amount of dirt and moisture from the shoes of those who enter the building. These are aesthetically pleasing as well as valuable in terms of dirt and water removal. This type of commercial entrance mat is suitable for all types of locations such as pedestrian sidewalks, trolleys or small vehicles.
Other environmentally friendly matting products are used to control dirt and moisture indoors. These products are placed inside building entrance doors to remove any dirt which is leftover from outside optima entrance mats. This commercial entrance floor mat removes dirt more quickly than conventional mats due to the presence of large fiber to remove dirt and small fibers to absorb excess water. These are high performance mats which aesthetically appeal as well from inside. They are 5 to 10 mm thick depending upon traffic and 0.7 kg/sqm in weight.
Next, businesses may opt for a cleaning mat or modular mat. These products are mostly used in the entrance of a room to make it clean from fine dirt. They have multiple coated layers for more advanced cleaning. Modular mats, on the other hand, are a combination of flexible design made up of two tile versions. One is scrapper area and inside is Industry Structure Analysis Ppt aqua version. The reason for 2 tile designs is to use it for scraping as a scrapper area with uniquely triangle scraping blades making best use of soil removal. The scrapper part of this carpet is 17 to 21 mm thick while the aqua part is 5mm thick. Apart from flexible design options, these commercial entrance mats are easy to install on site.
Eco-friendly matting products are becoming more popular as businesses strive to protect our planet. A wide variety of mats are available to these forward-thinking businesses. They may choose high quality products made from rubber, all natural coconut fiber, or recycled plastic. Each material serves a unique purpose, and businesses are encouraged to experiment to find the ideal material for their unique facility!

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