Warehouse floors all over the United Kingdom are currently facing a massive clean up. New technology has been developed, which is not only environmentally friendly and non-hazardous but also delivers spectacular results with apparent minimum effort in cleaning stubborn marks from warehouse floors. Rubber deposits can leave stubborn unsightly marks on any warehouse floor. Marks from fork lift trucks, pallet rollers on castors, and marks from heavy machinery can make the warehouse floor hazardous and unsightly. Cleaning products recently developed can lift these stubborn marks and remove rubber deposits without damaging the floors. By spraying solvents and running over the floor with scrubbers on castors, the marks are removed.
To ensure castors and wheels, which are used in vast numbers in warehouses on material handling equipment, do not mark the floors, new developments have been made in rubber technology. Non marking rubber castors and wheels ensure no unsightly marks are on the floors after they have been cleaned. Even the cleaning equipment has non Michigan Electrical License Search marking rubber castors attached. The non marking rubber castors can be either in the form of grey rubber castors or the newly developed non marking elastic blue rubber wheeled castors. Once the warehouse floors have been sprayed and scrubbed, they can be vacuumed to remove any residue. This leaves a clean, mark free floor surface.
This technology has also been further developed by airports runway maintenance companies. The first high pressure water cleaning system, attached to the front of a runway truck was developed in 1997. The pressured cleaning module, running on heavy duty polyurethane castors, cleans any marks, oil or fuel spillage on the runway, taxiways and aprons, that may be hazardous to aircraft take off and landings. Runway safety can be Human Resource Consultant Salary ensured if these mobile cleaning modules on castors attached to airport trucks, which can quickly and easily clean the surfaces and can access the runway areas at speed if required. Castors attached to these modules need to withstand the harsh environmental conditions and be strong enough to help support the weight of the cleaning unit. Polyurethane castors with a cast iron centre and heavy duty frame seem to fit the bill.
This high pressure cleaning system on castors can also be utilised in highway maintenance. For example retexturing and paint removal may be part of the needs of the road maintenance crew. These flexible cleaning units on castors can be attached to the front of maintenance vehicles for ease of use and movement. The practical modular design on castors not only allows for manoeuvrability but also flexibility. High pressure cleaning systems on castors can also remove all kinds of marking materials, such as paint, tape, thermoplastic and cold plastic. So if it’s a marked floor surface in a warehouse or on a road or even on a runway, there are a number of cleaning machines on castors that can remove the dirt. Once removed there are a number of options for non marking wheels and castors, that prevent this residue ever returning.

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