Fall arrest or lifeline roof anchors, are designed for the protection of personnel who perform exterior work on buildings or other structures. Work related falls and injuries can be prevented in the work place, with the use of the properly designed safety equipment, such as fall arrest anchors.
Roof mounted tie backs, or anchors, are a major component in the four step personal fall arrest system, or PFAS. All equipment used in theses systems must adhere to strict health and safety regulations for hazardous work environments. Roof mounted tie backs are required for all personnel who require rope skills to access their work areas.
As a physically demanding job, performed in a pressured environment, expert training is needed before employees may commence with work. Facilities are required to have established fall protection policies for Basic Industrial Safety Training Ppt those working in and around the work site. The proper use of fall prevention equipment needs to be shown to all staff members during hands on training, after the fall arrest systems have been installed.
Roof repairs, painting, and window washing services are all performed at some level of suspension, all of them requiring a comprehensive safety system to be in place. Single point anchors can negotiate corners and three way intersections, as well as absorbing loads within a PFAS. Roof mounted tie backs are primarily used for single point tie-offs and horizontal lifelines required for rope access. There is a choice between a temporary or permanent fixture designed to a fit flat or pitched roof, and will support the suspension of personnel and their equipment.
Suspended access equipment systems are recommended for all buildings three stories and higher, where windows and building facades are accessed from the roof. Window cleaning applications need specialized roof mounted tie backs that will be able to safely suspend employees, work cages and/or platforms.
Comprehensive safety systems need to account for external factors such as communication towers or antennae, and adverse weather conditions such as high winds, rain and ice. Other obstacles Business Inventories such as skylights and roof hatches pose serious safety challenges for personnel, and the correct roof mounted tie backs can be effective in preventing injury from falls.
Single point anchors can be beam, deck or surface mounted, bolted or welded into steel, concrete and many other surfaces. Custom designed roof mounted tie backs are proposed as part of a system that is different for each building or structure, depending on the conditions. The components are made from corrosive resistant materials such as stainless steel, aluminum and more, and are available in a variety of finishes.
Roof repair, installation, maintenance and window washing, are all remote access work areas. The suspension of personnel and equipment may pose many health and safety challenges for all employees involved. It is required by law for facilities to have health and safety systems in place for the protection of their personnel. The right equipment, designed and installed by professionals, can prevent falls and serious injury on site. Fall arrest anchors for window washing systems, are manufactured specifically for these work requirements and are installed by experts who specialize in window washing systems. Make sure the vendor you choose adheres to all the codes and certifications required by the respective labor authorities.

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