What Is Vacuum Infusion and How Is It Done?

Vacuum infusion is a manufacturing process by which an amazing number of products are created. Another common name for this process is resin infusion. Polyester or Vinylester resins are materials commonly associated with vacuum infusion, but new and innovative materials are constantly being invented and used.
Composites used in vacuum infusion can contain carbon fiber and other fibers like Kevlar, graphite, aluminum, wood and fiberglass. Each one of these materials, used to create products by way of the vacuum infusion process, creates unique, strong and unrivaled products.
The vacuum infusion finished product only varies depending on the material used, and the craftsman. Simple parts will generally be made in limited numbers. Some may find that the vacuum bag method is the best. In the vacuum infusion process first a mold, which is typically made of fiberglass, carbon fiber or aluminum, is prepared. The mold is polished then waxed, and has a release agent applied to facilitate the release of the material, after the process is complete. Then, it is allowed to cure or harden before the mold is used.
Resins can be applied in two ways, to the fabric, in a vacuum mold. One is commonly known as a wet layup. In wet lay-up Electrician School the appropriate resin for the job is mixed and applied, before it is placed in the mold and then into the bag.
The second method is a resin induction system. The dry fabric and mold are placed inside the bag. The resin is then pulled through a tube into the Service Industries Definition bag using a vacuum pump. Care is taken to spread the material evenly in the mold, making sure the distribution is throughout the fabric evenly.
No matter which of these methods is used, a skilled and diligent craftsman is also required to oversee the process and to assure there is an even spread of the resin in the mold.
When many pieces are required, using the quicker method is the most efficient. For a mass production line the compression molds are used. They may use the same types of resins in smaller applications, but the molds are different. Molds usually made out of fiberglass or aluminum, so they can be moved and stand up to repeated uses.
Vacuum infusion is responsible for the production of countless products. It is commonly used in industries from aerospace to eyeglasses. Constant innovation is occurring in this field. New manufacturing process that make vacuum infusion easier, and more cost efficient.

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