Why Chinese Factories Are Number One?

Chinese factories are the world’s major manufacturing source and the companies who use made in China products enjoy great profits. A recent study reveals that the world is using just a fraction of the China’s capabilities. Companies around the world need to broaden their exposure to Chinese products in order to successfully utilize the opportunities that Chinese manufacturers offer. The advantage of made in China products are many. Manufacturers there are producing everything from clothing to footwear to pharmaceuticals to agriculture chemicals. And these products are in no way inferior to products manufactured in any other part of the globe. Quality with quantity is the characteristic of Chinese manufacturers.

With an estimated more than 100 million workers, China can deliver quality products at cost effective prices. Global companies also find Chinese factories suitable because of timely and hassle free shipping and customized product development facilities. These factories produce textile and apparel, cement, electronic parts, computers, cell phones, MP3 players, toys, automobile parts, telecommunication equipment and petroleum products. This wide range of products is quite large and is constantly changing and growing to suit the requirements of the world. Right now these factories have everything world companies are looking for in a reliable source of products.

Chinese manufacturers have access to latest technology and probably this is the reason why Chinese factories remain number one in producing world class goods whether it is a television set or mobile phone handset. Tremendous purchasing power and immense import of raw material provides China a considerable cost advantage. This gives Chinese plants a lead in terms of perception of low cost goods. No doubt these cheap but quality products are making markets around the world more competitive and providing customers best in the class. Today China enjoys the position of globe’s manufacturer.

Far from being a threat to world companies, the industrial revolution in China is a fabulous opportunity that can’t be overlooked. Chinese factories are assisting world companies by producing cost effective quality goods. Those who outsource their production to China can focus and can be rest assured that their goods will be delivered well before time. There are companies which specialize in supplying Chinese products. These suppliers take the responsibility of delivering the products directly from factories in China to your doorstep. They have all the means to import made in China goods. This is like China at your doorstep. Just place your order in advance, rest is the job of the supplier.

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