While the Six Sigma Methodology tries to identify the defects in the product development processes and strives to remove them, Lean Manufacturing tries to create more value form the least required work by reducing waste. So basically, LSS helps to accelerate the decision making process of an organization by removing inefficiencies in production process and improving the quality of the product. Lean is a technique that focuses on improving the quantity of quality product from the least required work by eliminating the wastes. Lean mainly focuses on eight waste items.
Lean Six Sigma aims to eliminate the problem of over production, in other words, producing more than what is demanded and unnecessary processes that add unnecessary overhead to the organization without adding any value to the product quality. Lean strategy purports that there should not be any unnecessary delays in the product development processes due to unavailability of materials, labor or necessary documents. It encourages efficient transportation of products to and from the markets and focuses on decreasing the quantity of defected and unusable products and also on decreasing the amount of scrapped products. It also encourages that the necessary inventory should be available all the times. However, a company must not stock more than optimum required inventory.
Six Sigma is based on two methodologies, DMAIC (define, measure,analyze,improve,control) and DMADV (define, measure, analyze, design, verify). DMAIC is a methodology that is used to improve existing processes being applied in the business whereas DMADV methodology is used to create new business processes for existing or new product. As it has already been mentioned that LSS is combination of above mentioned two business strategies, the combination strives to increase quality production while decreasing production overheads.
One of the huge benefits of Lean Six Sigma is that it increases the employee involvement in whole of the production process as employee teams are designed who work to improve the processes and better the product quality. This leads to increased satisfaction from internal and external customers.
Another advantage of the implementation of LSS is that it helps to reduce costs by eliminating wastes such as over production and also Product Manufacturing Company eliminating unwanted processes. This way, not only money but also invaluable time is saved due to the removal of unwanted processes.
Since it gives high value to the customer of the product and focuses on their requirements, this technique increases customer satisfaction. This methodology not only strives to focus on improvement of product quality, it also improves the product delivery methods and other activities that improve customer Stuart Cinema Nyc satisfaction This causes customers to be more loyal to the product which ultimately contributes towards the success of the business. Lean Six sigma techniques help your business to succeed by eliminating undesired process, reducing waste and giving importance to customer requirements and customer needs.

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