Europe, being a leader in medical device manufacturing, has recently made revisions to medical device directives in order to improve and strengthen its framework. The revisions are expected Industry Analysis Ppt to provide uniform level of protection for everyone concerned about public health as well as cater to the new or emerging technologies when it comes to health care and medical equipment.
In the most recent updates, European Health and Consumer Policy Commission is looking into tightening controls, enhancing surveillance and restoring confidence of the patient and the public in medical device and in the manufacture of such. Early this year a company based in France was found to be manufacturing fraudulent breast implants which contain non-medical grade silicone. This medical device manufacturing firm is known to have sold hundreds and thousands of non-medical grade silicone breast implants worldwide of which France, Germany, Spain and United Kingdom are some of the countries were women were implanted with such faulty equipment.
Manufacturing of medical equipment is known to be a profitable and meaningful endeavour. It plays an important role in promoting healthcare not just in Europe but globally. However, in order to make sure that scientific excellence is observed in all stages of production or manufacturing and marketing, the initiatives undertaken by countries like Europe in revising its current directives, laws and policies is of high importance. In addition, creating a third party conformity assessment body which will look further into high risk medical devices such as breast implants before they are placed in different markets for sale is an important step that Europe has undertaken to make sure future health risks are avoided.
Europe’s step in checking further on its current legislation pertaining to healthcare, devices and manufacturing and revising it to suit the present and future needs is just the first step. Implementation of revised laws and directives Lite Manufacturing and making sure that they are observed all the time is another step. Manufacturing firms which are found to have violated certain laws and regulations should be made responsible for the ill effects of defective devices.
It is essential that the private and public sectors in Europe should work together in improving their reputation as a continent that manufactures excellent, world class, truly safe and high quality medical devices. Aside from the fact that manufacturing of these medical devices is one of the major industries in Europe, it caters to a global market and its health or medical side effects is felt in all parts of the world. However, the success of Europe in implementing these revised laws and regulations will definitely add value not just too European manufacturing firms but to lives of people all over the world.

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