If you are working on a project or product that needs something to hold it together, chances are that you are looking for some fasteners. A fastener is an object designed to hold two pieces firmly together. Industrial fixings are fasteners, typically made of metal, designed to serve some industrial purpose. Think of the thousands of types of nuts, bolts, screws, and pins available. For whatever items you need fastened, there will undoubtedly be a fastener intended for your specific purpose.
If you have been looking for the right product and just cannot seem to find one that meets your requirements, there are companies that would be happy to design one for your particular requirements this is especially needed in the automotive and aerospace industries. But before you get any expensive custom products made, consider other industries that may have the same special circumstances as your project. Then you can contact a manufacturer that makes fasteners for that industry, and see if they will work in your situation.
For example, chemical manufacturers often need fixings that can withstand the extremely high temperatures needed to make some chemical compounds. Your typical screws and bolts from a hardware Startup Idea Report store would melt at these temperatures. If your product or machinery will be exposed to high heat, consider a manufacturer of fasteners that counts chemical producers among their customers.
Another industry that requires specially formulated fixings is the marine industry. Fasteners used on the hulls of boats are exposed to sea water that would corrode normal metal fixings. Even on deck, all items are exposed to salty air, rain, and salt water if any waves wash overboard. When you are using fasteners to hold your ship together, you also want to make sure that you have high quality and that they will not crack under pressure. Luckily for this industry, manufacturers have done plenty of research into which materials and designs will work well in a marine setting.
Similar to the marine Light Industry In India, the aerospace industry needs fasteners that will hold up in extreme cold and extreme heat. The fixings also need to stay gripped while the airplane is tossed around in storms and coming in for a hard landing.
Of course, a huge industry that requires a wide variety of high quality fasteners is the construction industry. From deck fasteners meant for building a backyard patio to the products needed to hold a sky scraper together, the construction industry needs all kinds of bolts, screws, and clips. Some of these are made to be very strong, with little chance of loosening, since they are holding the building together. Others need to be invisible once installed, to keep the design of the construction project looking sleek and professional.

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