For companies that depend on specific solvent degreasers for specific tasks, suddenly being unable to use one or more of those degreasers could cause serious problems for equipment maintenance. Yet, that’s exactly what can happen to companies when they remain unaware of whether the EPA plans to ban or severely Post Industrial Economy regulate the chemicals contained within their solvent degreasers. As a result, companies are recommended to visit the EPA’s website for a list scheduled bans. However, if you find that your degreaser will be regulated, you also need to identify what type of degreasers are ideal replacements for your old ones.
As you consider the situation that your company would face if one or more of its degreasers were banned, it’s important to remember that industrial degreaser and other industrial cleaning solutions aren’t banned in and of themselves. Instead, they’re banned because they contain one or more toxic chemicals that the EPA has determined poses a significant environmental threat when used in commercial and industrial settings. Therefore, it’s best to start searching for the ideal replacement solution(s) by identifying those that contain no hazardous air pollutants (HAPs), which emanate from toxic chemicals, and those that are biodegradable.
By implementing degreasers that contain no HAPs, you’ll do more than improve the environment and protect yourself against the untimely cancellation of an important cleaning solution. You’ll also significantly improve your company’s work environment by removing toxic air pollutants that cause chronic illness in those that work in the vicinity of toxic degreasers’ application-a scenario that could lead to numerous lawsuits that damage your company’s finances and reputation. By implementing degreasers that are biodegradable, you should also find that you’re implementing solutions that contain no HAPs.
To protect your cleaning solutions against EPA regulations, implementing solutions that contain no EPA listed ingredients should be your first priority. But while you’re in the process of identifying the right solutions is also good time to also consider how new solutions What Is An Industry Development could affect your company’s finances beyond preventing costly lawsuits, particularly in terms of waste disposal and cap and trade opportunities, both of which could significantly impact on your bottom line, depending on the volume of solvent degreasers you use.
When you choose a biodegradable cleaning solution, you automatically cut your chemical waste disposal fees by being able to incinerate or landfill the solution according to EPA regulations. And the less emissions that your solutions produce, the greater your company’s chance of profiting from cap and trade legislation that allows companies whose emissions fall beneath the emissions cap to realize emissions credits that are tradable to companies whose emissions are above the cap. Replacing your company’s solvent degreasers with safer ones can help your company avoid government regulation of its solvents. But it should also provide the opportunity to improve your company’s finances.

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