SaleHoo – Is SaleHoo a Reliable Source of Information For Retailers to Find Wholesalers?

SaleHoo was created by Jimmy Huber who wanted to provide a comprehensive listing of all online business that anyone can transact business with. With this goal, the directory has been able to compile more than fifty thousand members and more users signing up every month. SaleHoo uses dropshipping as its business model and this enables online resellers to buy from wholesale suppliers and make money by selling them again. It’s the classic buy and then resell at a higher price. The items that are re-sold are varied. They may be clothes, electronic items, etc. As a budding entrepreneur, you can start your own business by opening a virtual store and market these items.

In this kind of buy and sell business you don’t have to panic of you have no inventory or stock available. It is the problem of your supplier. They are the ones that bring the items directly to your buyer/clients. They will also take care of the packaging and handle the assurance that it gets shipped on time and arrives safely. Of course risk is always there. The risk here is choosing a supplier that can service your demands. With so many suppliers in the world, there are some good ones and some bad ones as well.

By bad ones, this means that they may not deliver the proper items or even deliver late. What’s worse they could turn out to be a fly by night scam.

To help ensure that you deal with legit suppliers, you can join the membership ranks. By doing so, you are assured that every supplier on the list is legit and has had experience in drop shipping before. What the list will not tell you are the updated prices. Sometimes you would have to call the supplier in order to be able to get a correct estimation of the price of an item. Sometimes suppliers do this so that they get calls and can do business with these people. Although the security screening of SaleHoo is stringent, some do get through. This means that you have to do some private checking on your own. Sometimes you may not be satisfied with what you see so it is best if you can do some research on your own.

The SaleHoo directory is long and tedious but it is your best choice when you need to locate suppliers and distributors in the shortest time. There may be other directories out there but SaleHoo has proved to be one of the most extensive and reliable sources.

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