A “Performance Intake System” is another option when looking for a performance upgrade to your induction system. This is a complete replacement of your OEM intake system and is generally made of higher-flowing materials like aluminum, silicone or stainless steel. This provides better performance and drops intake temperatures. A performance intake system will include all the piping, couplers and bracket you need to successfully install on to your motor. It will also include a new “cone style” performance air filter. There are a lot of companies that make these systems and the prices for a full replacement intake system are substantially higher than other filter options but will provide the highest horsepower boost and most of all a performance intake system will improve the way your engine looks to others.
The types of air filters listed are great performance air filter options that will fit the needs of any automotive. Always, do a little more research into which of these options is best for your engine. The cost of these performance filters can sometimes be double or even triple the amount of a generic OEM replacement filter but performance air filters will usually last a lifetime. Therefore, the value is well worth the extra cash.
A “Cone Style” performance air filter is another option when looking for a replacement performance air filter. This style is a little more complicated to install on an intake system. The advantage is provides lesser restriction and give your engine better combustion Indonesia Garment Industry generating a few more horsepower. Normally, all you need to do is find the correct size for your vehicle and install the cone style air filter and bolt it on. There are times that an adapter plate is needed so do some checking first before jumping into installation.
There are many manufacturers of cone filters, just do a quick search on the internet to find one. You will also find cheaper/off-brand styles of cone filters on the market, which are usually manufactured by smaller companies abroad. These are usually not worth the bargain, Industrial Engineering Careers so try to stick with a reputable filter company when shopping for yours. Cone filters can also be found in different versions like foam, oiled and dry flow. They need to be cleaned every few thousand miles just like any other metal elements or cleanable filter.

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