Are you are a glazing company looking for a new product configurator and window manufacturing software application? If so, you will be looking for an object based product configurator and manufacturing software application that has been specifically designed for the fenestration industry.
Given the competitiveness of the fenestration industry, most companies are aiming to gain an advantage in the business place to establish their authority and increase bottom line profits. Many of those businesses within the fenestration industry are utilising window manufacturing software to gain such advantage.
It can often be helpful to have a checklist of features to look for when comparing software applications that offer a total solution for glazing companies.
Consider these questions and product features when making Manufacturing Engineer Salary California your assessment of each particular company’s offering.
Does the software integrate your process from estimation to fabrication?
Does the software handle unitized, stick, ladder, window wall, Home Manufacturing Business Ideas structural silicone, spider glazing, skylights and railings?
Does the application configure the geometry of elevations and walls? Can it then produce your estimates and related production documents including bills of materials, optimized orders, shop drawings, fabrication documents including optimized cutting lists and fabrication parts drawings, and output to CNC machines and automatic saw lines?
A cost effective application will remove months from the critical path required from award to installation of a project. Can the application provide important BIM models as you go bid and quote projects of any scale in hours or days, rather than weeks?
An efficient software application will allow you to make shop drawing submittals in days, not weeks or months.
A total solution offering will estimate costs continuously, not just at month’s ends. It should also allow you to make changes and revise all supporting documents quickly.
Does the application produce optimized purchase order documents and electronic orders quickly and efficiently?
Does the software generate parts fabrication drawings for a single release or the entire project at anytime?
Can you generate unit or frame assembly drawings whenever you need to?
Can you generate field installation drawings quickly?
There are product configurator and window manufacturing software applications available that can improve your profitability via reduction of cost, integration of estimating through to fabrication and the reduction of error. Such software applications can do away with much of the risk introduced by the long lead times and inaccuracies associated with manual production of drawings and take-offs.
Find the right total solution for your glazing company today.

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