I grew up a child who was always lambasted with information like “You got to get good grades in school”, “You will not get a safe and secure job if you don’t become an engineer, or a doctor, etc.” As it turned out, I took it to heart and graduated a Mechanical Engineer with an MBA to match.
As I was promised, I got a safe and secure job, but there was one problem with it all. Something was missing; it just didn’t seem right! I had too much month at the end of the money, rather than too Training For Manufacturing Engineers much money at the end of the month! No one told me about this phenomenon. As it turned out, everybody who was in a safe and secure job were in the same boat as me. Does the above ring a bell?
Initially, all I did was complain. Complain about the job, the company, the boss for my financial situation. But guess what? The situation didn’t change. Next, I got curious. Why? Why is everybody experiencing the same S***, but nobody seems to get out of it? After drinking deep from books and hanging around people who had too much money at the end of the month, I found the answer. I found it!
At first, it didn’t seem significant. But as it sunk in, the fog started to clear and the true picture was revealed. The answer…I was stuck in the wrong age! That was the answer. All my life, I have been educated and brought up in the INDUSTRIAL AGE thinking. But now, we are living in an INFORMATION AGE! It’s all about communication and knowledge. I was basically a thing of the past! And what is a thing of the past considered as? Outdated! And it was no surprise that my earning capacity was outdated too!
Let me give you an example to make things clear. In the 1970s, airlines were considered a luxury and flight stewardesses used to considered as popstars. They were compensated handsomely for their services. Today, airlines are considered more ‘budget’ than luxury. And how are flight stewardesses looked at nowadays? Just ordinary folk; no glamour; no heroine-worship; no envy; nothing! And how are they compensated today? Just like any other 9 to 5 job. Nothing special about the pay! You get the picture? The inference: As things become more and more common, the compensation keeps decreasing in proportion.
So what did I have to do to get onto the INFORMATION AGE thinking? I had to reprogram my mind to make myself a student again and start soaking up knowledge and learning skills to communicate and share information across the Internet. Of course, it was a challenge at first but I stuck it out. And today, this What Is Tertiary Industry has given me a new perspective and now I have begun to see more money at the end of the month than before. Things have started changing for the better, and best thing of all…I have become a better human being because now I share my learning on the internet and I have become a coach. It’s a great feeling!
I know many of you are stuck out there in the industrial age thinking, and my sincere advice is to shift to the information age thinking IF you are serious about changing your life around. There are an abundance of opportunities out there and this is just the start. The Internet is the KING today, and we have only covered 20% of planet earth. This is the time to get in and learn the new skills needed to thrive in this new age. Don’t wait till things become common ground, or else you will find yourself staring down the wrong end of the barrel. It just might be too late!
Life is worth living; so earn as much as you possibly can.
God bless you and your family

By master