Metal is used for a lot of purposes; it not only useful to make objects or items of daily use but it is also used in many industries as the basic material to produce machineries. Metal is a hard, durable and a nonabsorbent material which is ideal to produce products such as tools, machines and other objects required to last for many years. Because it is a tough to deal with, it needs to be taken to a high temperature so that it can be bent and molded easily.

Even in this age, there are many firms who employ labour to bend the metal by using manual machines; this allows them to be specific to the client’s requirements. There What Is The Definition Of Tertiary Industry are however other methods of metal bending as well that are used in Industries. Let’s take a look at some of the commonly known industrial metal bending techniques.

Hot Bending: As mentioned above, one of the common bending methods is raising the temperature of the metal to such high degrees that it comes to an almost point which enables easy metal bending.

Cold Bending: Cold Bending is also known as pyramid rolling. As suggested by its name, heat is not applied in this method of metal bending. Heavy metal rolls are Describe Industry Development fixed in a pyramidal form and the metal that has to be bent is passed through these rolls. It is again one of the common and economical methods to bend metal.

Induction Bending: Another industrial metal bending method is Induction Bending. This method combines two of the other methods – heating and compressing. This results in convenient and fine metal bending. With the application of heat, the metal can be shaped easily; therefore after it is heated it is passed through a shaping die. When it reaches its desired state, then it is later cooled off.

Rotary Draw Bending: Rotary draw bending is one of the industrial bending techniques which has been used for quite some time now. In this method, dies are used; the metal is held in between a clamp and then forced against a shaping die until that shape is formed.

As the new age is advancing, Industries are employing newer and newer methods still to bend metal so that it can further be used in many other industries. However, some of the very commonly used and known metal bending techniques are written above and are very efficient.

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