Industrial dishwashers are just like any normal, family-sized dishwasher, right?
The worst thing about the industrial dishwasher is the way it looks. It looks big and scary and very complicated, but in actual fact it is as easy as pie, once you’ve been given a few starting points to set off from. Therefore, if you suddenly find yourself in a situation (whether it be work related or something social) where you have to wash the dishes for a huge number of people in one of these powerful industrial machines, make sure that you use the following step by step instructions to ensure that everything goes smoothly from the very first wash.
Before you begin, make sure that your have everything you need and that all equipment is ready to go. If you are planning to wash the dishes of a very large number of people in a short space of time, you will always need the following tools to complete the job:
– An industrial-sized dishwasher
– Soap specifically made for industrial dishwashers
– A sink, with a hose connected to a high-pressure spray nozzle
– Dish racks
Step by Step Technology Industry Outlook 2020 Instructions
1. The industrial dishwasher should always be loaded with dishwasher soap beforehand. Ensure that you have filled the soap dispenser to the correct amount, turn the power on and wait for the machine to fill with hot water.
2. Once the dishwasher is full of water and ready to start cleaning, use the hose and spray nozzle to give the dishes a bit of a spray cleaning to begin with. This will help with removing large bits of food, etc. and keep your machine running better for longer.
3. You should then load the dishes onto the dishwasher’s plastic dish racks. It is really important to arrange the dishes neatly and to spread them out. Otherwise the water cannot get to all the places it needs to get during the clean and you’ll be left with lots of unclean dishes at the end of the run and a lot of wasted time. Also, industrial dishwasher jet the water from below the dishes, therefore always put the dirtiest sides of the dishes facing downwards. This way they’ll benefit greatly from the power of the jet clean.
4. Slide the racks into the dishwasher once they are full and then pull the lever downwards to shut the door fully. Once the door is shut, the washing cycle will begin automatically. Check that everything is running smoothly before going away to do something else incase there’s a problem and the cycle doesn’t even begin.
5. When the cycle has finishes you need to open the dishwasher and pull out the dish racks from the other side of the machine. They should all be sparkling clean and ready to use. What is most important here is that you do not put your face close to the machine when you open the door because the heat of the steam could really burn your face and potentially cause scarring, so take care.
6. If you want to hand-dry the dishes you can do so with a hand towel, but if you leave them on the dish racks they will dry naturally on their own too. Less work for you!
7. Repeat steps 2 to 6 if you have more dishes to clean Invest In African Small Business until everything has been completed and cleaned.
8. When you no longer need to use the industrial dishwasher you should drain the water from it by removing the “trap” which is a tray inside the machine that strains all of the rubbish out of the dishwasher. Take the tray out and spray it clean. Replace it and turn the dishwasher off until the next time.
You can’t get any simpler than that now, can you!

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