Glass Lubricants

Glass is commonly used in making windows, tables, kitchen ware, car parts, bottles, decors, accessories and art materials. It is a solid material that is often transparent and brittle. It is inorganic, non-crystalline and is made of silica. It can also be used as glass lubricants. But before we move on to discussing the use of glass as a lubricant, let us look at the history of glass.

The History of Glass

The art of glass making started as early as the Stone Age. The first type of glass used was naturally occurring in the form of the volcanic product called obsidian. It was first used as cutting tools. The ancient civilizations of Mesopotamia, Syria and Egypt are believed to have utilized this object first.

When the Late Bronze Age came in, the technology of glass making experienced a rapid development. There were many pieces of evidence found by archaeologists to prove this. They were able to find beads and vessels that were made of colored glass.

During the 15th century, glass making expanded and more and more techniques, methods and recipes were discovered to create more designs and goods from different types of raw materials. Glass was considered a luxury material because of its versatility and worth.

Glass as Lubricant

Glass lubricants were created to help in the hot forming process of metals. They are used in the extrusion of metals and other materials like titanium alloys. They are usually applied when performing hot metal working. Remember to set the proper conditions before starting the work to avoid any type of surface defects on the material being worked on. This new use for glass just attested to its usefulness and efficiency in terms of the benefits it can provide to help improve our lifestyle. Scientists and other experts found that glass lubricant is a perfect fit in the whole metallurgical process.

For several years, glass has played a major role in drawing steel. Now that glass lubricants have been introduced to the society, the hot boring method has made it possible to improve and enhance this surface treatment technique. This would not be doable if other types of lubricants are to be used.

To learn more about glass lubricants, you can go online and look it up. There are countless of companies and businesses that sell this product, and they might be able to help you with whatever you need.

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