Free Drop Ship – Seven Difficult Questions You Must Ask Your Drop Shipper

If you are not cautious when you choose a free drop ship provider, you could work from morning until sunset and never really earn much money. So, before you decide which free drop ship provider is perfect for you, ask these 7 questions.

*What shipping systems are used and what is the average shipping time?

Regardless of whether the provider is based in China or in the US, be sure that they use an honest, dependable shipping service with tracking. In addition, ascertain that the goods are shipped to your clients in a realistic length of time.

Keep in mind that you’re the one in the hot chair if there’s a delay or problem in delivery. Clients won’t be looking to your provider for answers; they will be looking to you.

*Does the provider practice sufficient quality control?

Always check on quality control. A reputable provider will practice twofold quality control with goods inspected at the factory where they are made, and then again when they reach the provider’s storehouse.

If the provider does not do that – watch out! You’re the one who will be blamed by your customers for shoddy or damaged goods, so you should be able to depend on your provider to keep a taut rein on quality control.

*Does the provider enable you use of their promotional material for goods?

A good provider will enable you to use their product descriptions and images, as well as any other information and relevant text about the items. Or else, you would have to buy at least one of every product you sold to take pictures and write a description.

*How does the provider handle customer complaints and refunds?

A reputable drop ship provider will stand behind their goods with a decent warranty. If they’re not willing to provide a warranty, this should be a red flag as it means that the goods are not up to par, and the provider knows it.

*What type of customer service does the provider offer?

Any business is only as great as its customer service, and a provider is not exempted to that rule. You can do a test run. Send an email or call the company with a concern or question and see for yourself how efficiently and promptly it is handled.

*Does the provider update catalog information habitually?

A provider must update catalog information and inventory on a regular basis, and will inform you if an item is low in stock. If they don’t, you will be the one with incensed buyers when their product is backordered.

*What is the provider’s marketing policy?

Many of the better providers provide an affiliate marketing program that you can join. This is a means for you to earn some extra income by referring consumers to the supplier.

Ask these seven questions to find a good drop ship supplier and your reseller business will turn an income for you, instead of them.

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