Have you ever wondered what cat trees are made out of? Ever wonder if they’re just plywood and carpet covered condos and shelves? Ever wonder if any harmful chemicals or glues might be used in the manufacturing process?
With so many brands of cat furniture on the market, it would take a novel to list the materials used in each one. So let’s talk about one manufacturer and what’s used in their manufacturing process.
You take good care of your kitty. He or she is a member of your family. You wouldn’t serve your family a meal with a harmful ingredient in the mix and you certainly wouldn’t provide Industrial Production Index China your furry friend with anything that would have a negative impact on their health and well being. So let’s take a few minutes to find out what’s used to make Pussicat Cat Furniture.
Pussicat is made in the USA. This manufacturer uses natural components in their manufacturing process. The owner of Pussicat is owned by three cats! Before we begin with the components used, it is important that you know this manufacturer can custom build your kittys’ dream tree. You can choose your colors and even select two tone colors. With that being said, let’s begin to learn what they use in making your cat tree or condo.
The scratching posts are made from 1/4-inch cardboard tubing which is stronger than wood. It will not crack, warp, dry up or shrink. You could actually drive your car over these tubes and not crush them. Sisal rope is glued onto the posts during the wrapping process which is done mechanically under 110 pounds of torque. Pre-dried sisal rope is used. Because sisal rope will expand when it dries out, they pre-dry the rope so it is expanded to the maximum before it’s wrapped onto the posts. This prevents the rope from expanding when exposed to sun or heat. The sisal rope is un-oiled and unbleached.
The adhesive used is non toxic and is the same as is What Is Industrial Development Definition used inside a car for the headliner or dashboard.
The play box or shelves are made from high density particle board which has no formaldehyde or any other toxic substances. Any glues that are used are water-based woodglues that do not contain toxins.
The play box and shelf coverings are specially woven. This fabric is woven in such a manner that your cat(s) will not catch their claws in the loops of the covering. Often parts of this material are imprinted to prevent wear for constant use in the same area.
The base, being the most important component of your cat(s) furniture, is offered in a standard base and a large base. The larger base gives greater stability for active felines and allows for expansion in the future.
With so many brands on the market it is difficult to decide which one is best for your cat. Beware of the bargain brands, they are inexpensively built with less than top quality materials. Pussicat began manufacturing cat furniture in 1975 and only manufactures cat trees, condos and scratching posts of the finest quality and craftsmanship as well as environmentally friendly materials. When you buy one of these trees, you are not getting something that came across the water and has been stored in a warehouse for who knows how long. Pussicat Premium Cat Furniture is made in the USA and made to order. You select the style, the components and the color(s), then, it’s made to your specifications. The difference is that it may take a week or ten days before your selection ships because it’s custom made to order.
Many styles are offered or you may choose to build your own. Next time we will talk about custom building your cat furniture as well as the warranty that Pussicat offers.

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