Eco Friendly Solvents and Industrial Cleaners and Degreasers in the Workplace

Solvents are needed for use in hundreds of industries across the globe, and as concerns about global warming and pollution rise, we are realizing what effects these traditional solvents have on our planet. The actions taken today by corporations and individuals alike will impact the quality of life for many generations to come. But as industrial cleaners and degreasers are becoming more popular in order to prevent pollution, many business owners wonder if these products are able to hold up to the effectiveness of their predecessors. The bottom line is that organic solvents simply are just as powerful Lean Manufacturing Buzzwords as their more toxic alternatives, and in fact they were once used on a regular basis by many industries in the United States before World War II. During the war, the ingredients needed to produce these non toxic organic degreasers were harder to produce and purchase, making them considerably more expensive. To replace them, noxious and sometimes carcinogenic chemicals were put into new synthetic solvents used to clean up industrial sized messes. The effect this change has had on our environment and climate is alarming, and we are now dealing with the impacts of air and water pollution.
Industrial cleaners and degreasers are being used more often, but in order to protect our environment we need more industrial jobs to be taken care of with organic and non toxic solvents. In 1960, the Federal government passed the Federal Hazardous Substances Labeling Act. This act prevented corporations from having to disclose the use of toxic ingredients in any product unless their detrimental side effects would be noticeable immediately after their use. After the passing of this Act, the free market has reigned over what is considered harmful to humans and the Earth. Many cheap chemicals are included in common household cleaners and industrial solvents alike which can be dangerous for people to use over long periods of time. The Environmental Protection Agency released information which alerted consumers of the fact that fumes produced by common everyday cleaners were three times as likely to contain carcinogens than other forms of air pollution. By using traditional solvents, you are not only risking your health each time you use them, but you are also putting the environment in harm’s way as well. Each time these detrimental solvents are washed down a drain, they collect in water resources which need to be reused by our ecosystem.
The startling discoveries made about our usage of solvents and degreasers and the effects it is ultimately having on our quality of life have certainly changed the way some people run their businesses and clean their homes. In addition to “green” organic solvents being more commonplace on store shelves, eco-friendly cleaning services have begun popping up all across the United States. Porter’S Five Forces Academic The only way to prevent risking the health of your family, coworkers, employees, and yourself is to begin purchasing organic solvents which fully disclose the fact that they are both environmentally and consumer friendly. By being aware of the ingredients which are in the products your business and family uses, you will be making a conscious effort to protect our well being.

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