Dropshipping – How Wholesale Dropshipping Business Works For Beginners

Dropshipping is a great way to start an online business. It could either allow you to earn extra money or have it as your primary source of living by promoting and selling someone else’s product. Today let me bring you inside the wholesale dropshipping world. I’ll walk you through the basics of the industry, what is dropshipping, how it’s done and provide you some tips on how to find a reliable dropshipper for your online business.

Let me start by defining what dropshipping is. Drop shipping is an evolved form of the old concept of distribution. Wherein, wholesale dropshippers provides the product and services such as inventory management and delivery for their retailers. You will further understand what dropshipping as we go along discussing how it is done. Now let us start discussing the how part. First, as a retailer you need to find a wholesaler that has the product you would like to resell to which can earn profit and at the same time will offer dropshipping agreement. Second, establish a partnership with someone who is reliable. In this way you will be assured that they will deliver what your customers order with any problems.

To make it more vivid, let me provide you with a simple illustration. Let’s say you found a reliable wholesale dropshipper who provides the product you want to sell and the dropshipping named ZOYA Dropshipping Company. You decided to use an online auction website like eBay to post your products for small fee. Since you made a very attractive description of your items you were able to make a sale. Now for the third step, once your customer made a payment either through PayPal or credit card, you can proceed on the fourth step, which is forwarding your customer’s order to your dropshipper “ZOYA Dropshipping Company”. Who will then pack and ship the order under your business name. Fifth, off course you have to pay your wholesale dropshipper of the wholesale amount of the product you ordered. That’s how simple dropshipping business is. The difference between the wholesale price and your selling price is your profit. Since you don’t have any inventory or packaging to worry you have more time to focus on marketing your products.

Indeed finding a worthy wholesale dropshipper from the internet can be a tedious task. You need to make sure they have the product you want to resell for profit and someone who will dropship for you. Two of the most common methods in locating a dropshipper is through search engines or directories. Search engines like Google and Yahoo and a directory such as Salehoo.

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