Contact Grill – Tasty Results, Efficiently

Spurred on by health advice from government and by numerous television shows, healthy eating is taken seriously by a large proportion of people from all walks of life. Although low fat food is not always associated with eating out, the public today expect restaurateurs to serve good quality and caringly prepared meals and snacks. There are ways in which professional chefs, cooks and those who cook at home can prepare meals more healthily. Whilst choosing high quality unadulterated produce to start with is important, the way in which the meal is cooked is also vital. Recently more and more are choosing to grill or roast meats instead of shallow or deep frying and are steaming vegetables instead of boiling them (thus losing fewer nutrients). As consumers become more price savvy due to the recession, restaurant owners have to compete in terms of value as well as quality, and kitchen staff need to operate as efficiently as possible.

Those who work in professional food preparation environments are under pressure to serve good meals and fast. Diners expect their food to be served relatively quickly, even when restaurants are packed with customers. Cooking healthily under this strain can be a challenge, but combining suitable preparation before service and good quality kitchen equipment can make all the difference. Due to its speed and versatility, the contact grill is now found in cafes and restaurants of all kinds across the country. Easy to use and to clean, these grills are suitable for cooking a variety of meat items (burgers, chicken breast and salmon steaks to name just three) as well as paninis, toasted sandwiches and certain vegetables. If you need a new or a replacement contact grill, always make sure you have researched model specifications to ensure your purchase will meet your needs. There are numerous manufacturers to choose from, including Lincat, Dualit and Buffalo, so you are sure to be able to find the right contact grill for your kitchen. If in any doubt as to which model to choose, it is worthwhile contacting manufacturers and retailers, who will be able to provide you with the information you need.

In the current financial climate, people who eat out are increasingly looking for value for money. Due to the ‘Credit Crunch’ they are enticed by special offers of various kinds, but also expect well prepared and tasty food. In such a competitive industry, it is vital that caterers provide good food and excellent customer service. Often those who eat out are not looking for a particularly unusual meal, they want a breakfast, lunch or dinner that they know they will enjoy. Grilled foods such as steaks and burgers are an affordable family favourite, and thanks to the contact grill, they can be prepared quickly and efficiently, meaning they are also a favourite for many chefs! As with many things, food fashions change over time and dishes phase in and out of popularity. Due to the versatility of the contact grill, it has the potential to be an essential kitchen item for years to come.

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