When people buy office space, they tend to scramble and fill it with furniture and supplies before the doors open, never really taking the time to research suppliers and save money.
Buying Power
Many multi-national chains are often able to secure great deals by simply buying in bulk. This saving is often passed onto the customer, but remember; the mark up can sometimes be considerable as they have far higher overheads than the “little guy”.
The best way to take advantage of the buying power a huge stationery supplier has is by purchasing only the items that you need when they are on sale. Don’t do a bulk order with them if they can only offer you really great savings on 1 or 2 things that you really need.
Look for the Business to Business Stationers
There are some office supply companies that specialise in working only with other businesses. They are very competitive on price, usually have online stores and will deliver direct to the office. This is great option for businesses for a few reasons:
1. You can compare prices with competitors online with a simple click
2. You can order online quickly and easily
3. Staff don’t need to leave the office and waste time travelling to the store
4. Prices are cheaper as they don’t have as many overheads (like rent, utilities, staff, etc)
Customer Service Importance Of Industry Pdf is Important
If the stationer you choose does only exist as an e-commerce business (not a physical store), it’s important that you review their customer service and returns policy before buying anything of great value. Questions to ask of a supplier include:
* What is the return policy?
* Is there a charge if you Spatial Economic Analysis wish to return something?
* Do they offer rain checks?
* Do they have a customer service phone number to call if something is wrong with the order?
If you take a look at how much your business could potentially spend on stationery each year, you’ll soon start to see that by doing some simple research and shopping around you could save yourself hundreds, if not thousands of dollars annually.

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