No doubt about it but the technology that goes into today’s modern castors has come a long way from earlier types that were basically just simple wheel mechanisms. For instance now you can find them with a number of different braking systems.
So then why would you want castors with brakes that allow you lock whatever is that’s sitting on them in place? Well there’s a simple answer then again there are also a number of more complex answers, so we might as well start with the simple answer because the fact is that you’ve already used them.
So where is this? You’ve used them at your local grocery market because they’re on the shopping carts that you use to carry your load of groceries out to your car with. Perhaps you can recall setting the lever break with your toe on the castors that are on each cart to prevent it from rolling away as you unloaded your bags.
Now this would be one of the more simple styles of brakes that you can find on castors today. Simple because they really only have one purpose and that’s to keep shopping carts from taking off across the parking lot. Simple also because they have to last years in all the harsh weather conditions that they have to endure.
So of course this would mean that there are other more complex types of castors with breaks and some of them you can find being used in manufacturing. Castors like these can not only be used to lock a platform or cart in place but they can also be used to slow the load down that’s being transported; a definite plus when moving heavy loads.
Braking mechanisms can and do come in real handy in the home too. For instance, the growing trend has people putting heavy pieces of furniture like couches Heavy Industry Meaning and large chairs on castors, and here they can work to keep the furniture in place when people are using it. Particularly on pieces like reclining chairs.
More homemakers are discovering that once immobile appliances like washers and dryers can now be put on castors for easy cleaning. Now for sure a brake on both of these appliances will prevent them from travelling when they’re in use. It just makes good common sense.
In businesses that are now relying more on castors for a variety of uses they’re just one more safety measure in earthquake prone areas. Electrician People Also Search For Earthquakes may not happen often but when one does hit, the brakes can keep everything that you have up on castors from taking off.
Then for trucking and transport businesses, or any type of business for that matter that moves things like tools, or heavy machinery, this type of mechanism can make moving whatever it is that you have to transport in a truck or a trailer so much safer and easier. Just lock them in place and off you go.

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