In the book Atlas shrugged, many of the entrepreneurial capitalists that had built up the industrial capacity of the US decided with all overregulation, over taxation, and all the lawyers suing, along with the unions and the socialist mobs that it not was worth staying in business knowing that they could not create a profit for themselves. With no incentive to do so, they just quit.
Once they quit as the novel goes, everything went to hell in a hand basket rather quickly. There were food shortages, fuel shortages, and the entire economic system broke down. The government assumed it could run everything, that it could adjust the production capacity to serve its will and feed its bureaucracy. Not only did this not work, the inefficiencies mounted and everything stopped due to the bureaucracy.
Now then let’s discuss the litigiousness in the United States today. Caesar once said; “the first thing we do is kill all the lawyers,” and although he meant that if they did they could control the law and do whatever Michigan Electrical License Search they wanted if the lawyers were not around. Today, many mistakenly have taken this comment to be an anti-lawyer joke, one which Ayn Rand’s industrial capitalists in “Atlas Shrugged” might have enjoyed.
Speaking of which, in our current regulatory environment, such an action by Caesar might indeed, be just what the country needs to get the commercial lending markets flowing once more? Right now, it appears Define Consumer Service. we are living an Ayn Rand Novel, and perhaps we might wish to think about how that story developed, and ended. Will our government wake up and listen to this basic philosophy. Please consider all this.

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