Generally, if the word “asbestos” was mentioned, a normal response would be filled with negative connotations, resulting in lung cancer, disease and ultimately death.
However, and incredibly, despite the universal stigma attached to the fibre and the direct evidence suggesting that is indeed dangerous for human contact; an established country still Accelerated Electrician Course permits its production by exporting it to developing countries such as India, Bangladesh and Indonesia. The second largest country in the world on the border with the USA – Canada.
Within the UK during the 1920’s, it was becoming increasingly apparent that workers who would be in direct contact with the fibre would establish breathing Rise Of The Service Economy difficulty symptoms. Its use was effective, in that, it was noticeable that it was becoming a very effective insulator, capable of withstanding ignition.
Throughout the world, it is one of the most prevalent workplace killers. The UK is still within this category, despite its halted production. The reason is because this horrible illness can often be dormant for up to 50 years before it emerges. Once symptoms are known, its spread in most cases can be quite rapid, causing a diverse range of illnesses.
Examples can include; pleural mesothelioma, lung cancer, asbestosis and pleural disorders to name a few. Each are deadly in their own right, especially mesothelioma which has no known cure; with approximately 75% of cases having been exposed to asbestos. Respiratory problems occur, causing lung damage and heart problems, leading to probable death.
The seriousness is apparent and the solution should be quite obvious. Stop production, thus eradicating any presence of the fibre. However, this has clearly been met by deaf ears from Canada to the extent various protests within the country have ensued, pinpointing the threat posed by asbestos.
The government’s stance is wary of the effect it may have on the asbestos miners, whose whole livelihood is dependent upon its continuous production. Combine this with the potential of significant exporting gains; it is clear that Canada’s ethos of being a protector of the environment and having a reputation as a democratic country surely needs to be reassessed.
Asbestos within Canada may come to a halt eventually. However, this would not be as a result of a calculated and deliberate decision by the government, but probably, due to it gradually becoming a dying industry, closely nearing extinction; its demise should come to an end. But predicting this date isn’t always easy. That is, Zimbabwe and Russia are claiming an ever increasing dominance within the market, which may cause Canada’s demise, but for the world’s benefit; this can only represent further pain and agony.
The UN needs to act now.

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