There are different types of industrial battery chargers available in the market. Here is an overview of various types of deep-cycled or traction battery chargers that can be used to electrify your industrial batteries.
Standard 50 Hz chargers
Standard 50 Hz chargers are widely used in applications installed in Airports, Warehouses, Supermarkets and Hospitals. They are of high quality and can charge all types of industrial batteries.
Features of Standard 50 Hz deep-cycled chargers
A� Battery capacities to suit 30-1600Ah
A� Available in all sizes
A� Available in Single or Three Phase
A� Suits Flooded standard batteries
A� Recyclable
A� DC Plugs and cable available
High Frequency Industrial Development Geography Chargers
High Frequency Chargers are new generation battery chargers. Compared to the ordinary battery chargers, they are compact and more efficient. They can be programmed to deliver more precise charge to any battery.
Features of High Frequency Chargers
A� Suitable for ‘on board ‘applications of a vehicle
A� Charges a battery in a very short time
A� Uses less electricity to charge an industrial battery
A� Lower maintenance cost
A� Suitable for Flooded, VRLA, GEL or AGM
A� Comes with air pumps for air agitated batteries
A� Longer battery life through precise charging
In addition to these benefits the programmable nature of High Frequency chargers allows you to keep your industrial batteries fully charged. The charger can be programmed to deliver an equalisation charge and this helps in maintaining batteries that are deeply discharged on a regular basis.
Fronius Chargers
Fronius chargers come with several enhanced features like Intelligent Active Inverter Technology, serviceable modular design, “Plug & Charge” software and accompanying characteristic programming.
Fronius chargers with Intelligent Active Inverter Technology can increase a batteries’ service life by up to 25%.
Features of Fronius Chargers
A� Available in various sizes
A� Compact, lightweight design
A� Based on Active Inverter Technology
A� Available in Single or Three Phase
A� Suitable for Flooded, VRLA, Gel or AGM
A� Recyclable
A� Proof against deep discharge
A� 100% serviceable
Where can you find these battery chargers?
There are many battery suppliers that sell these highly efficient industrial battery chargers. You can find a good supplier in your locality from the internet. Word of mouth referrals are another great way to identify a vendor who provides quality deep cycled chargers. When you are purchasing a charger go for a supplier who sells chargers from various How Long Has The Tech Industry Been Around manufactures. This way you will have the flexibility to choose from a wide range of chargers. There are some suppliers who allow you to rent chargers for a short of longer period of time. Most suppliers will also offer repair and servicing, so you don’t have to worry about looking after and repairing your valuable deep cycled battery chargers.

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