Princess Cut Diamond: The Diamond for Your Engagement Ring

The making and obtaining of a good quality diamond is composed of many factors, there are seven to be exact but in most markets only four are considered. Essentially, a diamond is rated for its color, carat, clarity, cut, certificate, cost and your common sense. The first four factors are standard in every Industrial Vs Systems Engineering jewelry store and diamond manufacturing company. The carat, clarity and color are inherent in the diamond and it’s the cut that makes it or breaks it so to speak. There are also a myriad of cuts for diamonds. There’s the round shape, the emerald shape, the marquise shape, the princess shape and so on.
Of the many kinds of cuts, the princess cut diamond is the most requested. This type of cut was developed in 1960. By cutting the diamond into a square shape, a stone has more brilliance and scintillation. If cut expertly, inclusions in this precious stone and even the color become less noticeable. Many pieces of jewelry inlaid with diamonds prefer the princess cut diamond. It’s the most popular selection for custom engagement rings and wedding rings. If you’re looking for the best kind of diamond cut princess style, you have to take a look at the jeweler’s and the manufacturer’s reputation.
Next, you have to look at the color. In the market, the I color or the H color is better. You don’t have to pay so much for a diamond that already looks perfect. You then have to look at the clarity of the diamond. With VS2 clarity or the SI1 clarity, you get the best value for your princess cut diamond. You only have to check the stone for cleanliness and you have a good diamond to put in your engagement ring or wedding ring.
For the princess cut, there are a few cut parameters you should look at. There’s the depth which ranges from 65 to 75%. The most common are those with 70% depth up. You also have to look at the polish and symmetry of the stone. There’s also the length to width ratio and the Market Concept Of Competition best one for the princess cut diamond is 1.00 to 1.05. As for the table, it should be below 75%. If you have the means to buy the perfect diamond, by all means do so, but if you’re on a budget, you can still get something that looks perfect if you only know how to choose.

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