Released all the way back in October of 2009, it was about time I got around to writing a review of Komor Kommando’s incendiary Das EP. Komor Kommando is Sebastian R. Komor’s one-man assault on the dance floor after successful projects as sound designer and songwriter for acts such as Zombie Girl and Icon of Coil. Armed to the teeth the albums opening track Love Your Neighbour begins relatively restrained, hinting Software Production Engineer Job Description tantalisingly at the storm of dance-laden chaos and noise yet to come. I would suggest not playing this on your MP3 player, once the storm breaks, the desire to jack the tracks up to volumes approaching those that will leave you crippled with server and lasting hearing damage is extremely potent. As the opening track suggests, this album should be played at high volume, preferably in a residential area!
Following up on Love Your Neighbour is the beat driven sample heavy State Of Destruction. Sounding every bit as menacing as the title suggests, wailing and stuttering synthesised sounds, sampled screams, ominous pads and that ever present crash of drums like the insidious march of some dark war-machine, build a wonderfully fractured and psychotic audio experience (something that is more-or-less present throughout the album).
Arpegiation makes everything sound good, undoubtedly a lie but a home truth I will stick to until otherwise irrefutably proven wrong. Whatever the eventual outcome of this future dispute, Triggerfinger uses it to great effect crafting around it a track bound for club-hit status.
The Beat That Goes Ping, Das Onntz, and AntiKrist break away from the rest of the album in terms of the dark militaristic and grimy aesthetic. These are a lighter breed of track, diverging into a more techno branch but just as good as the all the rest. Das Onntz is another likely club track, The Beat That Goes Ping is very cool introducing Branding Competition 2019 – stuffed with catchy samples that will role around in your brain for days – unfortunately you will probably try to recreate these verbally and end up the joke of some very uncool people. The last track wonders off into experimental land via ambient park and comes back titled AntiKrist – a great way to bring the EP to a close.
Komor’s first EP from his solo project is a fantastic start and I eagerly await what comes next. Das EP is great value for money with a strong and varied sound, a must buy for industrial-dance junkies and fans and strongly recommended for everyone else. If you still don’t have it, check Das EP out now.

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