Can the United States Compete With China on Manufacturing?

The competition between the United States and China seems to be heating up as the recent economic downfall in many markets has put both countries on an even playing field throughout multiple industries.
Manufacturing was once dominated by the United States from the early forties with manufacturing large quantities of bombs and ammunition for WWII to up until the late 70’s when just about industry started to die down in the United States slowly until this recent economic recession threw everything into a downward spiral that many economists saw coming for a long time.
The United States continues to try to hold onto what they have left of manufacturing but with the large Chinese investments into their own manufacturing and a lower minimum wage plus almost non-existent safety and health standards it make the fight hard. In many aspects the United States can almost blame itself as for almost two decades now Americans for the most part have opted for the cheaper product made in China over the product that usually cost more but was made at home. This has taken a toll over the years to where many companies Electrician Trade School Illinois have been dwindled down so much they cannot compete because if your products are not being made in large bulk then your prices must go up slightly therefore running them completely out of business. If this is not bad enough the stock market in China has been creating a nearly limitless investment machine as referenced in the article “China’s Growth Enterprise Market.” If this trend continues the US will have to make significant changes to even compete for a small market share with China and many other East Asian countries.
The United States does have a unique opportunity for manufacturing in my opinion if they can set up large factories to produce things such as green or clean technology which cannot be outsourced. This market was at one point booming but has recently somewhat faded due to many other Plastic Business Ideas pressing issues. If the Americans can not only create some of this technology but be able to manufacture right in their own country it could be another boom, but at this point they are years behind countries such as Germany, Czech Republic, Japan, and even Denmark in this field.
If there is any chance that United States can get back on their feet manufacturing wise to compete with China it will have to come through brave innovation and a little bit of chance taking in new industries because at this point you cannot compete with someone who is making the products quicker and for less money.

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