Industrial Disease Claims

It is not a very nice fact, but industrial disease does exist in many workplaces.
Your place of work is supposed to be a place in which you can flourish. Develop your skills, build your career and meet your financial needs – at least that’s what it says on the packet.
The truth, however, can be very different. Experienced personal injury solicitors are well accustomed to hearing and dealing with a far different story about industrial disease claims.
Injuries and disease occur in the workplace in many different ways. Perhaps you are required to work with tools or machinery that carry their own obvious dangers, or maybe you need to perform repetitive Technology Industry Jobs work such as working on a computer or laptop that lends itself to upper limb disorders including vibration white finger or carpal tunnel syndrome among several other recognised strain injuries.
Much publicity has revealed the danger of being exposed to asbestos, which can lead to the development of mesothelioma, lung cancer, asbestosis or pleural thickening. Also, despite the presence of very stringent health and safety regulations today, many workers are still being forced to work without the safety net of risk assessments or being given adequate training or protective clothing. Another major area of risk is that of being exposed to dangerous chemical or fumes, despite COSH regulations.
Your first port of call if you feel that your medical condition is related to your place of work and has been caused by some form of negligence is to contact personal injury solicitors who specialise in Lighting Industry industrial disease claims. They will have the experience and knowledge to deal with cases where there has been a breach of health and safety regulations which may have exposed you and others to injury.
Usually, their advice would be to contact them very quickly and keep a record of events, but whilst some medical conditions caused by industrial reasons do become apparent instantly or within a few weeks, other conditions can often take years to develop.
Personal injury solicitors specialising in industrial disease claims usually offer ‘no win, no fee’ arrangements and may also be approved by legal expenses insurers who will pay your legal bill. They will also commonly promise you 100 per cent of your own compensation as their fees are paid by the defendants when they win your claim.
Industrial disease can wreak havoc with your life causing severe health problems and making a return to the workplace either unlikely or an impossibility. Putting your industrial disease claim in the hands of experienced personal injury solicitors protects your future.

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