Advance Communications Systems

Communications systems have become much more advanced than in the old days when telephones or telegraphs were used. It all started with fibre optic cable, which could replace copper cable in many instances. Fibre optic cable was much more efficient and cost effective, although the initial installation was quite expensive. Fibre optic cable works by transmitting light signals. Messages can be sent for greater lengths and with less loss when an optic fibre set-up is used.
Worldwide Interoperability for Microwave Access (Wimax) is another wonderful step on the way to the ideal communications system. Basically it gives the speed of broadband, wireless access, and broad coverage – features that many other Industries In India systems lack one or more of. Wireless access makes it a great deal less expensive than DSL or cable. Experts are likening the effects of Wimax on broadband applications to the effect the mobile phone has had on landline phones.
Industrial Ethernet as its name suggests, is an application of communications systems for industrial purposes, where constant communications, automation and product control are essential. Just as an Importance Of Industry example, the production of beer takes anything from a few days to a few weeks, with the control and constant monitoring of pressure, liquid flow, temperature, ingredients additions etc, necessary.
Using industrial Ethernet means that fewer employees or skills are needed by the company, this not only saving employee costs, but producing a product that is perfect time after time, because there is no chance of human error.
Another example of advanced communications systems would be the IP camera or network camera as it is often known. The IP camera is actually a CCTV (closed circuit television) camera used for security purposes. But it uses digital technology and can be hooked straight up to a computer network, thus saving the cost and space of all those big screens. New technology is even upgrading microphones, with a new laser microphone that is said to record sound in its purest state, now becoming popular. For more info visit .

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