In both large scale and small scale industries filtering machines are used to separate suspended particles from fluids. They will differ according to the usage. Today so many companies have entered into manufacturing. This paves way for the introduction of a large variety of filtration equipment.
The equipment of earlier times consisted of a head and a follower with vertical plates packed in between. From this emerged different filtration equipment that we see today. Manufactures make filtration equipment based on the requirement. So it will differ in size and shape based on the purpose. Some of the qualities that will Service Industry Types measure the efficiency and usability of the equipment are high filtration rate, light weight, anti-corrosive, high dehydration rate of filter press and stable performance. It should also be able to handle easily and show improved efficiency, refine molding, strong intensity and resistance to high pressure and temperature.
There a various types of filtering machine. Some of Industrial Engineering And Management Salary the commonly manufactured ones are as follows:
Zero hold up – This industrial machine has a cartridge assembly that includes perforated screens, spacers, plates and fitter media. This is mostly manufactured in stainless steel. With this type of filter suspended particles in a liquid can be filtered within no time. When liquid is flowed in to the standard filter, the part with unfiltered liquid will reach the central part of the filter, and the filter media pure it and again it goes through various processes to finally get a solid part in a one side and a liquid part in the other. The cake got from the filtration will be recycled and used for some other purpose.
Plate and frame type – This machine is mostly used to filter sheets used for polishing and sterilization purposes. Main function of the Plate and frame type filter is to remove liquid from solid liquid slurry. In syrup making industries this filter is used to purify sugar syrups, honey syrup, solvent liquids and other thin liquids. The function of this type of filters is similar to the sieve, where liquid slurry will be poured into the filter press. The liquid will travel between the filter plates where the space between the plates allow liquid to pass through it while preventing the slurry. In this way pure form liquid will be filtered out. One of the advantages of this filter press is that it can perform two stages of filtration simultaneously. This industrial machine is available in various colors and models.
Sparkler Type – Main use of this industrial filtering machine is purification. It filters impurities from liquid and makes the liquid crystal clear. The machine consists of steel shells with bolted top cover. Inside the filter several disc type plates will be arranged horizontally in the filter cartridge assembly. The equipment also has perforated screens, filter media and interlocking cups. The filtration is done on the pressure created and maintained inside this. When liquid arrives at the top of plates the filter media holds back impurities while allowing the liquid to flow through it. Most of this type of industrial filter presses gives the back wash facility for the continuous operation.
Filter press of lot more varieties are manufactured by different companies. There are companies that make equipment as per the requirement. A careful study of the industry helps to know the price, models and features of different industrial filtering machine.

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