When Death Is Big News – Digging Up Story Angles in Your Business

Coffins are bigger and are being buried vertically to save space. People can now design their own custom coffin. And for some, ceremonies and wakes are now event managed, pre-planned, designer “life celebrations”.

If you’re in the funeral business, these industry trends and facts may be just part and parcel of the job, but to others, they make for quirky news stories that the media love. So what is it about your industry that is newsworthy? It might be worth sitting down with pen in hand and brainstorming the facts and trends that are taking off in your field. Need some more examples to help get you thinking?

How about the evolution of the humble kid’s birthday party? Oh how far things have come since “pin the tail on the donkey” and “musical chairs”. These days, kids parties are competitive and for some parents, can almost be as elaborate to plan as weddings! Enter the kids “spa party” where finger and toe nails are painted – not faces. Or flower arranging – not drawing, and of course the hit trend of kids cooking classes for all the budding junior masterchefs.

So think back to how things were run in your business 10 years ago and ask yourself these 5 questions to unlock a story idea:

how has your business changed over the years and why? What trends are you seeing?

have your customers changed- are they younger, older, buying online?

what new things are your customers looking for? What Industrial Engineering Techniques Pdf have they rejected that once was a bestseller?

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has demand increased for a certain Using Math As An Electrician product or service?

what’s the strangest request or most impressive business deal you’ve had?