What Surfaces Benefit From Industrial Floor Cleaning?

Industrial floor cleaning is important for maintaining safety, keeping a clean appearance, and in some cases, maintaining health standards. The New York metropolitan area, particularly central New Jersey, has countless buildings and facilities that can benefit greatly from this service. It can include power vacuuming, power sweeping and power washing and scouring.
Some examples of facilities that can benefit from industrial floor cleaning include:
• Factories. During down times the floors or factories can be power vacuumed to remove potentially flammable saw dust or textile dust. Grease and oil can be power washed from surfaces that are not only unsightly, but present a slip and fall hazard.
• Food processing. The accumulation of flour can be power vacuumed to prevent a fire hazard and breathing discomfort for the workers. Oils are power washed off surfaces for prevention of health and safety issues. There are many other materials in the food processing industry that can accumulate on surfaces ranging from blood to corn syrup that pose unique hazards and cleaning challenges. Industrial cleaning can take care of them and aid in meeting USDA standards.
• Warehouses. Rubber build up from tires occurs on warehouse floors from lift traffic making them appear black in high traffic areas. These unsightly areas make an impression on visitors and potential customers that the facility is dirty. Oil that leaks from forklifts can pose a safety hazard. Periodic power washing and scouring can remediate these problems.
• Parking garages and lots. These places are subject to constant vehicular traffic. The traffic brings with it oil, exhaust soot, mud, and anything else that could possibly adhere Service Industry Synonym to tires and tracked on the floor. Also consider the countless scuffs caused by the tires. Power washing and scouring removes all of these substances, leaving the floor clean and safe.
• Machine shops. Wood shavings and sawdust, metal shavings, plastic shards and even granulated glass are no match for an industrial power vacuuming system.
• New construction final cleanup.
• Other facilities and buildings. Institutions such as prisons plus terminals, platforms and stations for buses and trains, animal facilities such as pharmaceutical testing and poultry housing are just a few more of the areas that can benefit from power washing and power vacuuming.
Industrial floor cleaning is generally performed by specialized equipment that is driven by an experienced operator. It involves washing and scouring the floor and also vacuuming up the dirty water. The equipment, which resembles a Zamboni or city street sweeper, makes wide passes over the surface areas and leaves behind a broad path of clean floor. This equipment makes short work out of even the largest projects spanning thousands of square feet.
Prior to the power washing and vacuuming, a power sweeping is often performed to remove any loose surface substances that can be properly disposed of or recycled. The dirty water from the washer is then removed from the premises and disposed of properly to ensure environmental safety.
When selecting an industrial floor cleaning and maintenance service, look for a company with a sound environmental How Do Industrial Engineers Benefit Society record that has a long list of satisfied customers in the New York and New Jersey area.

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